Best People Mumbo Jumbo

Submitted by ub on Thu, 06/28/2018 - 12:03

Hasn’t POTUS administration so far been marked by BS, and huge lies, greed, ethical transgressions and criminal charges?

Best staff translates into BS and with General Kelly reportedly gone, what the hell is going on? We've all heard of Celebrity Apprentice and all that TV talk about hiring techniques, but if facts and figures don't lie, this was staged and Americans were duped into thinking he is really wise. Actions speak louder than words and numbers don't lie. It's BS and regardless of Kelley, since it's Don baloney factory, the sooner we change it the better off we'll be. When I worked at NBC, we never staged TV.

Lying about your abilities is what some do to compensate for their inabilities. Does POTUS claim to be a graduate of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania because its famous for its graduate programs in economics? The real truth is that he did not graduate from Wharton but was a lowly undergraduate, and is a few credits short of advanced understanding of economics.

Hiring is a complicated business, made more complex by the fact that the hiring manager doesn't have the capacity to determine whether a person across the desk from them is a great hire. Does he even know precisely what he's looking for? What are the five key skills a successful candidate must have to succeed in that job? What about behaviors that will enable an individual to not only succeed but to excel?

Didn't @POTUS take an oath to serve all Americans? @realDonaldTrump: I'll choose the best people for my administration Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump discusses his criteria for choosing senior administrators, during an NYC Q&A @GOP @USAgov

President Donald J Trump has lost 75 percent of his most senior aides within the first 18 months, compared to 41% under President Barack Obama and 17% under President George W Bush. To consistently hire the best people, one needs multiple perspectives. These can be hiring panels, and during the interview process expose all candidates to the other people they would be interacting with. Why hasn't he thought of this perspective and what it can add to the process?

Finally, why is he fighting with our allies and neighbors but is progressively attracted to enemies of democracy like Putin, Kim, Xi? So think about it and ask yourself who is fooling whom? Who is the real fake here? Is he really working for all of the US? Why do We The People need to allow this to continue? How low can we go? #senioradministration #presidency

With the grownups gone, except Mad-dog and general John Kelly may be next to leave White House

Let the US never ever leave him alone in Americans number one home.

President Trump has lost 75% of his most senior aides within the first 18 months, compared to 41% under Obama and 17% under Bush