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American Democracy needs USA pollsters to ask your important questions focusing on national issues.

How can anti-democratic #Republicans have fifty US Senators who represent a #USA minority be keeping obstruction alive inside Congress? Just give USA taxpayers the whole truth. https://cimages.me/content/nothing-but-the-truth

The Whole TRUTH

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On earth, we worship in various ways and many faiths. From tribal beliefs to organized religions. Science proves to be our best option.

Alternative facts are not truths in the eyes of our judicial system. In court, we swear a solemn oath: to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. This shall and will be done.

POTUS Heavy Lifting

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While Republicans were in control they gave tax breaks, packed the court system, while denying and delaying America’s needs.


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Are the Democrats really being distracted by the constant feigning attacks of the Republican Party in the United States of America?

Nicaragua Selection

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Nicaragua’s Dictator Daniel Ortega declares victory after jailing his major opponents before the highly contested re-election #CamPain.

When I was a young reporter I interviewed the former Nicaragua strong-man Anastasia Somoza a few times. The former West Point student warned me about Sandinista leader Ortega, but I thought he was exaggerating. 

The Nicaragua Electoral Council announced that, with 49 percent of the votes counted, President Daniel Ortega has secured nearly 75 percent of the votes and would be elected for a fourth consecutive term.

Virginia Isn’t For Haters

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#Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin reportedly suffered a massive political GOP meltdown and Trump isn’t coming to the campaign.

Thinking Out Loud
ub Tue, 09/14/2021 - 10:28

The impacts of 911 are still being felt, yet others today are doing far worse damage and causing more deaths in the name of political ideology than the carnage caused by the attacks on September 11, 2001.  

First, the insurrectionists on January 6, but instead of saying never forget this seditious act. Let us ask ourselves why we’re not the unified humanity we need to be in order to prevent another blight on history?

IRI New Yorkers

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New Yorkers are number one, the most Inconsiderate Rude and Ill-mannered people in the USA.

Now there’s agreement, you have an extra day to start spreading the news this #LaborDayWeekend, head to the top of one of NYC's observation decks and yell out loud.

The Empire State was named the "Rudest State in America," and we may have the strong, sometimes abrasive "New York" attitude to blame. ... According to Best Life's algorithm, 14.79 percent of New York State is "rude," along with 4.5 percent of New York drivers.

I’m What I Am

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I was born in Cuba the most beautiful Caribbean island on planet earth. Today I still live in one, City Island - A Slice of NYC Paradise.