Colorful Little Mermaid

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I watched a Peking Opera, Japan’s Kabuki Theater, and a Shakespeare play, where female parts were played by male actors.

in fact, Jesus wasn’t white but is portrayed that way. And fictional characters can be whatever color the director of the project wants them to be. The skin color of the actor is irrelevant to the quality of the final product, and skin color is not why.

Much more recently, actresses have taken on some of his most famous male roles such as Hamlet and Julius Caesar. 

Lifelong Friendships

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Our lifelong friends represent a set of experiences and it is only by this special relationship that a brand new world is born.

Lifelong friendships are rare and that's part of what makes them so very special. We were not meant to have the same set of friends throughout our entire lives.

We move to different places, we change jobs, and we may drift apart socially, politically, or otherwise. Sometimes we outgrow each other and that's normal.

Celebrity Home Special

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If there is one thing that wealthy celebrities know is how to spend their money on their lavish and expensive upscale homes.

With net worths like theirs, who wouldn’t want to go all out and live like a king and queen? Some of our favorite celebrities live in such magnificent mansions, that they bring the meaning of the word luxury to a whole new level of lifestyle.

Read on to see how some of the most well-known names in the industry live it up in the painfully expensive dwellings they can actually afford to call home.

Love Potion Number Nine

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YaY True <3 Lovebirds made it to nine years of marriage. Next comes their very first decade of wedded real romantic bliss.

In true bliss, our world is dissolved as in water, consumed as in fire, so nothing remains except passion and ecstasy.

Horsing Around

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Ear position says so much and plays a huge role in the body language of horses. They can’t say anything without using their ears.

I truly love horses. As a young boy my Dad and godfather took me to see horses and I eventually I got my own horse named Cuca who I adored and spoke with in Spanish. However, it does not matter what language we speak to horses. The importan thing to understand them and know is that they all speak the same body language.

Queen of The Road?

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Homelessness in America really sucks all year round but especially during a pandemic and Summer heatwaves in dangerous Global Warming times.

Mint Mojito vs Mint Lemonade

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With progressively intense heatwaves sporadically blowing all over many regions of the world, we offer these must-try refreshing drinks.

These two are not only cool but also thirst-quenching for any hot day: One has alcohol and the other is a virgin drink. The simple juicy drinks that will always make your taste buds sing wherever you may find yourself.


Anti Social Media

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Las redes ani sociales son peligrosas y millones parecen amarlas; que son perjudicial hace que una minoría considerable se sienta más ansiosa, deprimida y peor consigo misma; y la gente lucha por usarlo con moderación. Es un lubricante social que puede ser deprimente al mezclar la euforia a corto plazo con el arrepentimiento a largo plazo y conduce a un comportamiento doloroso e incluso adictivo.

反社交媒体是危险的,数百万人似乎喜欢; 它是不健康的,它使相当多的少数人感到更加焦虑、沮丧,并且对自己感觉更糟; 人们很难适度使用。 它是一种社交润滑剂,可以通过将短期的欣快感与长期的遗憾相结合而令人沮丧,并导致痛苦甚至上瘾的行为。

Minnie Miñoso

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These superstar athletes spoke of the racism and cruelties they endured while becoming the greatest ballplayers in the entire world.

They spoke proudly of their Cuban, Dominican and Michigan #USA roots as well as the perseverance and fight it took that led them to baseball immortality.

Baseball has been berry, berry bad to Orestes "Minnie" Miñoso, nicknamed "The Cuban Comet" May God forgive folks at  Cooperstown.

Our Happy Hours

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Utilizing economics, marketing, behavioral, and psychology research offers wisdom, knowledge, and a happier, more fulfilling lifestyle.

Do you really want to be attractive for the rest of your life at home personally and at work professionally? It has to do with what you say, not how you look.

Reinvent your networking routine and stop showing up with the expectation of getting something from them. Here are key actions that will draw folks to you.