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POLITICIANS WORK FOR US.  #WeThePeople must vote..

Labor in silence and allow our ballots to be heard.

Failure is the prelude to success!

Blessings, Uncle Bob.


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This is a developing news story and #CityImages is releasing reports from the world’s top news organizations. 

Donald Trump's historic federal indictment stems from the alleged mishandling of classified documents that left the White House with the former president and then ended up at his Florida estate.…


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Not just Semper Fi - An ex-Marine runs NYC's first licensed home delivery cannabis service from Queens.

It's short for Semper Fidelis, which is Latin for "Always Faithful." For too many Marines, Semper Fi is not just a phrase but a way of life-the commitment that they 

48-year-old Mr. Orduna, 48, is the first disabled vet to open a state-approved marijuana sales business through his newly opened firm, The Cannabis Place.


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What do Justice Clarence and Governor Ronald have in common? As it turns out they do like each other.

But there may be more than meets the eye as far as their transparencies and perhaps trying to clean their tracks and hiding receipts.

As SCOTUS Clarence Thomas appeared for the first time before the Florida Federalist Society in January 2020, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis declared at Disney World: “I do think he is our greatest living justice.”


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Remember that civil rights are human rights and vice versa. We must all practice tolerance towards everyone in the world.

Today, there are thousands of LGBTQ groups on college campuses on earth that celebrate #Pride.


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My wife and I spent most of yesterday inside. The city’s air quality hasn’t been this bad in five decades.

NYC was the worst of any major city in the world. But while the Canadian wildfires behind this apocalyptic-feeling turn will eventually pass, these summer doldrums be only the beginning.

If the smoke-filled skies are any indication of climate change, please bring us back to the good old


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He managed to survive 13 unlucky months, but Licht's out at Cable News Network. Now once again toppers replace another CEO.

The veteran TV guy who was  is out after just 13 months highlighted by controversy, low ratings and a magazine profile that appears to have hastened his exit.


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79 years ago, more than 150K troops from 8 Allied countries stormed the beaches of Normandy — the largest invasion force in history.

“The eyes of the world are upon you. The hope and prayers of liberty-loving people everywhere march with you.” -Gen. Dwight Eisenhower

June 6 marked the 79th anniversary of D-Day when the decisive battles of World War Two ended German domination of  Europe. High hopes and a great deal of worry existed over its outcome.