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Donald Trump has returned to the scene of the crime by arriving right back in NYC where he claims people cried after his arrest.

This time the twice impeached and now arrested defendant is back for more punishment, sweat, and tears for New York Attorney General Letitia James over the Trump state fraud case.

As many others have noted, the former guy is in trouble. He is weaker politically than he has been at any time since he allegedly stole the election. This might be good news for the country and the world.

Trouble Ahead

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If you think things are crazy now, just wait a few days until the upcoming Lunar Festival Full Moon straight ahead coming atop.

The next full moon will be on Monday, Feb. 6, at 1:29 p.m. EST (1729 GMT), but the moon will still appears full the night before and after its peak to the casual stargazer. The February full moon follows the January full moon, which occurred on Friday, Jan. 6 at 6:08 p.m. ET (2308 GMT).  

Are You Over 21?

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Most folks hold their 21st birthday in very high regard. Turning 21 means that a person is an adult, at least in their own right, or left.

Turning 21 means they can buy liquor and drink legally and are socially considered to be no longer dependent on their parents. Therefore, the 21st birthday is one that many teenagers look forward to, and many celebrate thoroughly.

In fact, 


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The best and most effective way to avoid conflict is to respect others and passively listen and learn different points of view.

Listening is paying attention, but it doesn’t cost much at all. Whenever a person hears what others are saying and tries to understand what they mean to say, it goes a long way. The act of listening involves complex affective, cognitive and behavioral processes.

Most people are not present in conversations. They’re too busy thinking about the next witty thing to say.

Scratching His Head?

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A head-related body language like this head-scratching indicates he’s worried, confused and wondering when the next foot will drop.

Freedom of Speech? ub Sat, 08/13/2022 - 08:43

We have thought that democracy is like a town square, a piazza, or a bazaar, where passionate disagreements take place. The ability to have them is what the who world calls FREEDOM OF SPEECH,

Rude in America

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Which state has many KAREN and KARON types according to recently published findings comparing all the United States of America?

Someone raising their voice and yelling - One person interrupting and talking over another. Several people vigorously talking at the same time, attempting to drown out the others and make their point. RUDE

Bucha Butcher

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Fearing a worst-case scenario, the Russian butcher, dictator, and war criminal reportedly sleeps with a loaded firearm nearby.

Meanwhile, Russian forces are said to be planning an offensive in Ukraine's southeast, as President Volodymyr Zelenskyy prepared to talk to the U.N. Security Council during the global outrage over Moscow's soldiers deliberately killing civilians.

The GOP Thomas' Files

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Doubting Clarence, and Ginni Thomas: Her hard-right activism and his hand-waving insouciance have now damaged SCOTUS.

Ginni Thomas was feeding Trump misinformation about the validity of the 2020 election and was a key player in his efforts to overturn the election results and some Republicans are defending that behavior?