Waste, Fraud and Abuse


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Too many politicians are still attracted to war, not peace, We The People need our taxes to pay for other crucial programs.

There are 32 countries currently in conflict, and the types of conflict vary widely. While the severity and duration of these conflicts differ, they all have significant impacts on the affected populations and can result in a high number of casualties as well as humanitarian crises.

Happy Work Life

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Some folks used to say they didn't have to be happy at work to succeed, like their co-workers, or even share their values.

Happy workers enjoy what they do and work harder and smarter. Companies take fun, play, and satisfaction in the workplace seriously because they recognize the importance of happiness for productivity, staff retention, and employee wellbeing.

Secrets to Happiness at Work According to Research

Talk About Sex

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A New York District Attorney keeps investigating an alleged crime involving one porn star, a celebrity, and a guy named Pecker.

Humans will begin feeling comfortable in their sexual relationships after they climax together and overcome it when there is proof they won’t run at the very first sign of trouble ahead and leave a mess behind.

Russia Defaults Putin Dying?

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A Russian government default on its international debts would be the first time in 100 years after time runs out for Moscow.

This little dictator has responded angrily to the situation, claiming the default has been engineered by Washington. It has insisted it is willing and able to pay. So he better put up, or shut up.

Russia's Central Bank no longer has access to around $300 billion of the country's total reserves of about $640 billion. The Russian government used U.S.-held reserves to make coupon payments on dollar-denominated debt on a case-by-case basis.

Death Condo

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Americans have all read, seen, or heard about the South Florida condo that collapsed and killed dozens of its residents.

The death toll in the Florida condo building collapse went up to 95. According to the AP, the Miami-area condominium building collapse had rescue crews working for the 20th day to find victims in the rubble.

The Associated Press article explicitly states "condominiums". Doesn't this cover other residential buildings of similar construction with regard to structural and safety inspections?


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MaydayMaydayMayday! It's the call that no ship's captain ever wants to make. Why? Because it could mean trouble. Big Problem!

The mother ship is taking in water. And according to NYC officials, Nautical Winds Condominium has issues serious enough to receive fresh building violations.

The Rise and Fall of the GOP
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These strange bedfellows are now estranged while their political party is strained and being strangled by their own members.

Journalism Under Attack

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Freedom of the press through various media, especially published materials is a global right that should be exercised freely.

The American news media referred to as The press in the first amendment was designed to serve the governed, not the governors.The freedom of the press is critical to a democracy in which the government is accountable to the people. A free news media functions as a watchdog that can investigate and report on government and civic wrongdoing.

US Lost The Afghanistan War

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The costly 20-year war in Afghanistan finally ends as the final American military cargo plane flies out of the city of Kabul.

War what was it good for? Killing Americans and Afghans as well as wasting USA taxpayers' funds on foreign soil instead of investing in our depleted infrastructure. The next time the US is attached, the military should respond and move on. It is very clear the USA can afford President Biden’s recommended investments at home. Take a look at how much American tax dollars were spent on the war.

200 Delightful Days

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On this 200th day of Joe Biden's presidency, the forecast appears to be mostly sunny, with some clouds and scattered showers ahead. This, according to is a review of important data compiled from several major polls. President Biden said it best ‘ 200 days down – and America is moving forward once again.‘

By most measures, POTUS has gotten off to a strong start. President Biden’s overall job approval has had a solid majority while disapproval has stabilized significantly.