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My high school buddy and former neighbor Bobby Dee just retired from USPS. and kindly agreed to share his roots during a trip to Ireland. This is some of what he shared with City Images

The Royals Scam?

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Reportedly, Prince Harry may possibly be the last, but certainly not the first Royal to release a tell-all family best-selling book.

They date as far back as Queen Victoria, to the former King Edward VIII, who also caused controversy among the Royal Family.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex is a member of the British royal family. Harry is the younger son of King Charles III and his first wife, Diana, Princess of Wales. He is fifth in the line of succession to the British throne. 

Where to Live

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Have you ever thought of living is a special place where you can grow old happily, comfortably gracefully, and in good health?

According to Economist Intelligence Country analysis—access detailed country-specific economic and political forecasts, as well as assessments of the business environments in different markets with EIU Viewpoint. 

My personal preference is to be next to my family. It is clear to me and many other that family support is primordial.

Charles In Charge

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The Royal Cypher and the Royal coat of arms changes with a new king. The words of the national anthem are 'God Save the King.'

He is now the Monarch of The United Kingdom and 14 other Commonwealth realms. He acceded to the throne on 8 September 2022 upon the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Can the new King and Prime-minister be able to prove themselves worth of their new responsibilities during these trying times?  Will King Charles III begin to make pronouncements as opposed to his scrupulously neutral mom, Queen Elizabeth II? 

POTUS Uniting The World

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President Joe  Biden launches a long-anticipated Indo-Pacific trade pact. A deal to help the U.S. work more closely with Asian nations. 

So far POTUS and The Democrats have managed to pass an infrastructure program that is rebuilding the United States of America. President Biden has also brought NATO and, Europe closer together as well as the entire Western alliance stretching from Canada up to Finland and all the way to Japan.

Lock Him Out

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All of Russia's #MadVlad lies are finally catching up with him and history will wind up not judging him or his followers favorably.

Putin's invasion of Ukraine is not going well and apparently, his war plan does not have enough fans. In Kharkiv, the country’s second city, Ukrainian defenses appear to have repulsed a major assault.

In the south Russian forces have taken territory, but partly by avoiding Ukrainian towns. Around Kyiv, Ukrainian forces have foiled numerous attacks.

The Knowledgeable President

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They’re members of the most selective group on earth. The board members are named Angela, Boris, Emmanuel, Justin, Mario, Yoshihide, and newbie Joe Biden.

This exclusive group will finally meet following 4 years of an attempt at disruption from the USA and after a 2-year global pandemic interruption.

The Prince is Dead

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Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, “passed away peacefully” at Windsor Castle on Friday at the age of 99.

As the world reacts to the death of Prince Phillip, public figures in #Britain react to the news that #PrincePhilip, husband of Queen Elizabeth and a leading figure in the British royal family for almost seven decades, has died aged 99.

Not Giving Up My OBE
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Brits and Americans are divided by attitudes toward the House of Windsor. Why are there different reactions to Harry and Meghan Markle’s Oprah interview? What is the attraction to learn about The Royals who're among the most dysfunctional families on earth?

"IF" JR Kipling

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The following should be required reading. ‘IF’ was written by an Indian born, English Nobel Laureate poet and journalist named Joseph Rudyard Kipling. It can serve as the ultimate inspiration that tells all of us how to deal with different phases in life and helps us to become better people.

The poem, written in 1895 and first published in ‘Rewards and Fairies’, 1910 is 32 lines long with four stanzas of eight lines each. It is a tribute to Leander Starr Jameson. The poem is written in the form of paternal advice to the poet’s son, John.