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I’m blessed to have forever loves and lifetime angels by my side and for that reason, I consider myself to be the luckiest man on earth.

At first glance, Capricorns, with their penchant for structure and discipline, might not seem like the most touchy-feely bunch. They’re often known for their unwavering work ethic and a drive that’s second to none.

But here’s where things get interesting. Behind that determined facade, Capricorns possess a profound sense of duty and loyalty toward those they care about.


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10 years ago today, we invited our family and friends to pray and play on our wedding day. Cheers, 乾杯 Salud, Dinero y Amor!

A young Cuban man met a younger Chinese woman in NYC, fell in love and the rest is The Sotos romance 💘 history.

Ten years is only the beginning. ... One decade and forever to go.


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Try scanning, skimming, extensive or intensive reading… You’ll adopt it as a lifestyle. The following are Books to Read.

‘We don’t have to purchase any of these. They are available free of charge at your local library and online.


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Witchhunt-chanting maniacs are opportunistic creeps who make false claims and fools who follow them with blind faith. 

These few are scattered throughout this great nation and they refuse to read or listen to logic, so they believe everything the king of fools says and cheer. Death cults are not conducive to our democracy.

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If you were asked to pick one book, film, TV program, or sample that best describes the USA, what would you say?


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Following CNN's firing of CEO Chris Licht Toppers Amy Entelis and Virginia Moseley are trying to save the tumbling news network.

With its female leadership, they join other woman-led network news platforms. The heads of all major networks are now in the capable hand of women; Kimberly Godwin helms ABC, Daisy Veerasingham, President and Chief Executive Officer at AP, Rashida Jones heads MSNBC, Rebecca Blumenstein leads NBC, Wendy McMahon leads CBS, and Suzanne Scott at Fox.


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It is my practice to end notes, letters, and emails to my loved ones, Love always is away of pledging my everlasting adoration.

ALWAYS is a popular song written by Irving Berlin in 1925, long before my time.

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Reviewing my teenage years was overwhelming and surrounded by a myriad of memories along with Marvelous Music.

From Native to Native Americans.…