Climate Change


With all the flooding around us as a result of global warming, scientists are now warning that all rainwater is extremely dangerous to us.

Do you remember all the years the #Republicans supported by the former guy spent telling lies about everything under the Sun, including climate change? Tell that to the #American people suffering in Kentucky, Missouri, Texas, California, and everywhere else.

Now come word that rainwater contains cancer-causing ‘forever chemicals’ From the Arctic to the Tibetan Plateau, the rainwater is ‘unsafe to drink’

Earth 🌏 Burning?


As temperatures kept climbing around the globe, a Record heat wave continued slowly and surely cooking America, Europe, and Asia.

The trouble is, the hottest part of summer is still ahead. For most of humanity, that means there will be too much time spent as a sweaty, sticky mess.

These are the hottest summers in recorded history, and for multiple years to come. This is an issue for all continents, demographics, and people from different walks of life.



After being lied to for years by The GOP about climate change, set your eyes on Agatha and realize these lies could be killing us.

Hurricane Agatha, one of the earliest and strongest hurricanes on record to strike North America from the Pacific, makes landfall in Mexico, according to forecasters.

Hurricane Agatha made history as the strongest hurricane ever recorded to come ashore in May during the eastern Pacific hurricane center, making landfall on a sparsely populated stretch of small beach towns and fishing villages in southern Mexico.

After The Storm


The New York City pounding rains that brought strong winds that pounded The Big Apple into the late-night hours have disappeared.

Since the one topic, we should be talking about is the climate crisis... NYC residents experienced persistent rain and thunderstorms that extend into the early morning hours. The National Weather Service issued warnings of wind gusts and considerable rainfall. Precipitation amounts were higher caused by thunderstorms, which developed throughout the night.

How's It Going?


Not too well, if we trust scientists researching our global pandemic and the climate crisis that Republicans insisted was fake news.

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Our Climate Crisis


HELP - While some global regions keep drying up, other areas worldwide will continue to experience extreme flooding dangers.

The United Nations climate report predicts most of the sea ice in the Arctic Ocean will melt by 2035 leading to a complete lack of ice in the Summer season. Since polar bears, penguins, and other animals won't have places to hunt, they'll move inland into parts of Alaska and Canada.



Americans have been fed Republican lies for the past few years including the denial of climate change. We now see and feel reality.

Today the weather made an abrupt change which is undeniable. From 60 degrees in the Northeast today to 30 tomorrow.

While Persistent Heat in cover most of Southern California; A Wintry Mix Shifts to the East Coast with a vengeance and that’s not all.

Ice Drops Falling


Snow, ice, and freezing raindrops falling on our heads are forecast for a large swath of the USA from the Southwest to the Northeast.

A major winter storm is underway across the Central USA with snow, sleet, and freezing rain. Areas in the Northeast will start to see wintry weather tonight into tomorrow.

The large-scale and massive winter storm will impact the Central, Eastern, and Southern U.S. over the next few days. Heavy snowfall is expected from the southern Rockies to northern New England, and heavy ice accretion is likely from Texas to Pennsylvania.

Mega Flash


An American flashback in the pan becomes the new World record 477-mile-long lightning “MegaFlash” now confirmed over the USA.

The official explanation of a mega flash is any horizontal lightning bolt that travels more than 62 miles (100 kilometers.) This new record flash went far beyond the definition.

U.S. lightning bolt leaps into record books at 477 miles long