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Dedicated to the one I love, my wife, family, friends, and those who are reading #CityImages - A daily dedication.

To be loved. It can be abstract. It can be the act of snuggling. Saying the words “I love you.” Or knowing they’re felt. It’s about showing up and comforting people. Or allowing them to help themselves.

But even when we have loving relationships, we can get so familiar with them that we forget to notice. Allow for some enchantment and fondness. Small still matters.

Unprecedented Presidency

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POTUS Joe Biden is on a roll as he celebrates a series of real recent successful and historic accomplishments in America

The American midterm elections saw The Democrats keep the US Senate, but lose the House of Representatives.

President Biden’s domestic and foreign policy agenda continues to make steady progress without #Republican support.

Leadership Teamwork and Success

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Teamwork is partly about identifying the strengths and professional potential of others and working together to help them succeed.

Sylvia, one of my many fabulous hires over the years. She lives in California and called to share with me her big shot at something really exciting that put her on track for everything she's worked hard and dreamt of for a long time. She started as LA's first Spanish-language TV weather forecaster.

Take this Job and Love it

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By working smarter, learning, living, and loving the game plan and never stopping until the job is done with the winning team.

Always be planning ahead and get ready to adjust each one of your priorities as the developments occur.