Experience Wins?


There is no denying that experience, knowledge or mastery of any event or subject matter gained through involvement in or exposure to it is most valuable. Relying on an experienced individual is always a great bet.

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. is a successful quarterback for the #NFL New England Patriots. He has won five Super Bowls and is the only player to win them all playing for one team.

Journalism Films


The rights of a free press and the ability of journalists to do their jobs should never be up for debate. Every news story should answer 5 W and H. These are often mentioned in journalism news style.

In light of the new major motion picture release by Fox called The Post, I recommend the following films for each and every person who is interested in journalism.

Absence Of Malice - Trailer https://youtu.be/ZSl7GYVn4Kc

All The President's Men - Trailer https://youtu.be/vLt6djxhNe8

Almost Famous - Trailer https://youtu.be/6iyp0qcf7-w

Real Odd News


Recent news of hometown newspapers is seldom in the headlines, so when we read these, we wanted to share.

The biggest newspapers in Connecticut and Rhode Island are feuding over which state is worse. http://apne.ws/O9AexeX

Editorial: Why, Rhode Island, Why?

These and many other newspapers. http://local.doseofnews.com/

Editorial: Lessons from a struggling neighbor

The Day Music Died


On this day, back in 1959, Rock and Roll legends Ritchie Valens, https://youtu.be/CkSfMj8D-7c Buddy Holly,
https://youtu.be/DW5h0ADRXnY and J. P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson, https://youtu.be/OxfCyhS3LYs were killed in a plane crash.

Putin On The Hit


Actions over the past few days have undermined the right’s Trump-Russia conspiracy theory and its headed in the wrong direction.

Furthermore, a Nunes authored Congressional memo contradicts a right-wing belief about what prompted the investigation into the President’s ties to Russia.

A look at what the GOP memo says and doesn’t say. By @ChadSDay.http://apne.ws/I6YljQA

Explosive memo released as Trump escalates fight over Russia probe https://reut.rs/2Eah4PX



During this highly contagious season, while hospitals are overflowing with the Flu epidemic as it spreads unabated, how would you characterize a neighbor in your building who walks around without shoes or socks and totally barefoot on a cold tiled floor lobby, while sneezing and spreading germs all over the place but the pandemic shows few signs of easing and this person wears no mask, has no tissues, or shows any remorse?

No No Nunes


Why does The US House of Representatives top Democrat want the Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee to be removed from his post?

Devin Gerald Nunes is a California Congressman who penned a controversial and classified memo released under a never-before-used House rule, which claims that the FBI did not identify one of its sources in a FISA warrant, to surveil former Trump campaign adviser, Carter Page as working on a dossier funded indirectly by Hillary Clinton.

Intel Dem: Nunes should have been removed from Intel committee "yesterday" http://hill.cm/neByCEx

Natalie's Revenge?


Natalie Wood was a movie star who began her film career as a child actor, https://youtu.be/Jo0K46G7mO0 with roles in Miracle on 34th Street, https://youtu.be/--uyzf7X_0c Splendor in the Grass, https://youtu.be/lWbd8uOsbBE Rebel Without a Cause, https://youtu.be/wXRgAXU1-T4 The Searchers, https://youtu.be/ci3a4zc-40I and West Side Story https://youtu.be/Ye7PIyIcCro https://youtu.be/5_QffCZs-bg

Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra


The Helsingborg Symphony was founded in 1912 and is one of Sweden’s oldest orchestras. Today it consists of 51 musicians performing 75 concerts a year in Sweden.

Since 1988 the HSO has been on a number of tours abroad, visiting among other countries France, Germany, Austria, Poland, Spain and will soon play right here in NYC, USA. Over the last few years, the orchestra has experienced a strong growth in popularity.

On February 28 @ 4P A concert can be heard at Lehman Center in The Bronx 718.960.8833

Columbia and DC Disasters


Today is not only the 15th anniversary of the Columbia disaster that killed all seven astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle, its a District of Columbia disaster on Capitol Hill, where a GOP controlled Congress is plotting at a West Virginia weekend retreat, while the clock continues to tick towards another government shutdown and a March 5 DACA deadline.

Americans commemorate NASA's Kennedy Space Center catastrophe recalling a fateful day in 2003 when after 16 days in space, our spaceship broke apart while re-entering Earth's atmosphere.

So too will our nation remember this day when Republicans and Democrats are settling into a protracted tug-of-war, which could destroy our democracy as we know it?

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