Sex Crimes


This is an old problem which repeatedly surfaces, but this time there are even more allegations and accusations than ever that are being hurled at politicians, and celebrities alike as victims decide to speak out against the famous and infamous.

We are a nation of laws and there are many issues to consider. Perhaps we should demand our public servants pass a law waiving the statute of limitations, retroactively, for all cases of sex abuse.

Tax Faux


Taxes are a necessary evil and a mandatory financial charge imposed upon all US taxpayers to fund public expenditures. Could a failure to pay or a tax evasion be punishable by law? What's up with #TrumpTaxes?

Congress faux concern for the well-being of their constituents may no longer be fooling US voters. Is the tax bill going to be a great American solution or a huge problem? Why are GOP Senators planning to unveil a tax bill with an amazing race to pass this massive piece of legislation? Are they also trying to hide taxes from the US taxpayer?

Happy Anniversary?


Feliz Cumpleaños, 生日快乐, Happy Birthday @POTUS... It has now been a year since @realDonaldTrump began his transformation. Today is the first day of the rest of president Trump's political life as he marks the one-year anniversary since he upset Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.

While some things remain the same from last year’s campaign, such as Trump’s critiques of the establishment and his Twitter tirades. Since taking the oath of office he has tweeted too many times including deleted and retweets. Trump has tweeted 2,461 times since the election. Here's a breakdown of his Twitter use

I worked in Washington, DC as a GM/15-10 while serving under a Republican president, but I have no political affiliation. I can tell you that Trump has transformed our national capital into a city of cultural warfare and abuses the term “fake news” to alienate real journalism like no one has seen since Richard Nixon and remember what happened to him.

I'm no politician, but over the years as a veteran journalist, I have seen up close and personal some of the most famous as well as the infamous ones. From very real presidents to appalling dictators.

There is a difference between being president and acting more or less presidential. There is also a "Bigly" aka really huge difference between so-called reality TV and broadcast journalism. One is the real deal and the other can often be staged to fool viewers. Believe me, that I can tell you!

Get Back Democrat


Democrats get back to where they once belong
NJ voters clipped political bully Chris Christie's big fat coattails and elected Phil Murphy for a newer Jersey chapter in Trenton.

Democrats seize Virginia governors race after Trump made a HUGE push for the losing Republican. Ralph Northam Wins the Virginia Governor’s Race

Political experts say these elections are seen as precursors of 2018 fights as Americans are realizing that lies and empty promises bring an odor and smell of graft and a form of political corruption.

Alcohol Kills


Human attraction to alcoholic beverages is well documented and now feared by health researchers. They warn that moderate drinking may cause cancer. Doctors warning that even light drinking raises cancer risk.

Cancer Doctors Cite Risks of Drinking Alcohol

Survey: Most Americans unaware of leading cancer risk factors

ASCO: Even light alcohol use increases risk for cancer

Election Day Votes


Happy daze are here again, so let us hope there is no suspicious activity surrounding this one and while today's races may not have anywhere near the buzz as a presidential election, there are plenty seats and important issues at stake.

Voters from many cities and states around this great country will vote for their chosen local representatives, while New Jersey and Virginia will choose their next governors. The battle for Virginia's governor will be of particular interest as many are calling it a bellwether for Trump's impact on midterm elections in 2018.

Good God Almighty?


Why did innocence meet a sad and sudden death at yet another American church? At least 26 men, women, and children were massacred inside a small community church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, yesterday when a lone gunman entered during morning prayers and opened fire with an automatic weapon.

This madness has to stop before any more innocent Americans die. They are calling it a human mistake. Air Force Error Allowed Texas Gunman to Buy Weapons

Stop The Madness


Why does any sports enthusiast need an assault weapon? Too many rifles have been used for hunting down innocent lives in the last five years alone.

I attended a neighbor's memorial services this weekend. I expected to be safe in a place of worship. Are we no longer secure in the house of The Lord? How did so many defenseless people lose their lives when a gunman carrying an assault rifle kills 26 at small community church?

They work for all of US. Congress and @POTUS must DO SOMETHING NOW!

Contact your representatives and let them know what you want and need from them TODAY.

The Trump Card?


Is POTUS really willing to meet with North Korea's Kim Jong-un after a US Pentagon warning that only an invasion can disarm the rogue leader?

Donald Trump offers to meet Kim Jong-un as Pentagon warns only invasion can disarm North Korea via @telegraphnews

Trump on NK: 'Era of strategic patience is over' @CNNPolitics

Trump declares North Korea "threat to the civilized world."

Sunday Church Massacre


A madman opened fire inside a small town Texas church, killing more than two dozen people. The armor-clad gunman shot churchgoers inside a rural Texas church during Sunday services, killing 26 people.

This is the largest mass shooting in the state's history, according to public safety officials.

Twenty-six people were killed during the shooting at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.
Texas church shooting: Live updates @CNN

First Baptist Church pastor's 14-year-old daughter among dead: A 'beautiful, special child'

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