The departure of Preet Bharara from the U.S. Attorney's office reminds me of another similar situation back in 1969.

Robert Morgenthau was the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District, appointed originally by his friend, President Jack Kennedy. When Richard Nixon became president, although he had the power to replace Morgenthau, the prosecutor said he wouldn't leave. And Nixon didn't challenge him at first.

Who Wants Repeal and Replace?


Reality TV celebrity Donald Trump who hosted “The Apprentice”, coined a signature line for dismissing unworthy aspirants. Every time he let somebody go and said "You're Fired!", Trump offered these biting words of critique. I don’t want somebody running one of my companies who is going to be beaten up so badly, he told another contestant. You’ve been lazy, others heard the following, you’ve been nothing but trouble. Karma sure has an interesting way of biting back.



Good morning... Stella is here and she's knocking at the door. A historic blizzard hits the Northeast region because things just weren’t bad enough already.

The Northeastern portion of The United States, stretching from Washington, DC to Boston is getting slammed by a historic blizzard lasting straight through Tuesday.


5A to 10A



This is our world of real news and verifiable digital information content.

10 Things to Know for Today

5 things for you need to know today @CNN

5 things you need to know Monday via @usatoday

Blizzard Warning


The National Weather Service has issued a Blizzard Warning, which is in effect from midnight tonight to midnight EDT Tuesday night. The Blizzard Watch is no longer in effect.

* Locations...Metropolitan New York City and New Jersey, Western
Long Island, Southern Westchester, Southern Fairfield, Southern
New Haven, Northern Middlesex, and Northern New London

* Hazard Types...Heavy Snow and Blizzard Conditions. Snow may mix
with or change to sleet and rain across southern and eastern
coastal areas late Tuesday morning into Tuesday afternoon.

Wake Up America


Perhaps we should be recommending everyone to lighten up while referring to the above graphics.

Fascists believe that liberal democracy has become obsolete and require the complete mobilization of society under a totalitarian one-party state as necessary to prepare their nation for armed conflict by responding to economic difficulties.

The authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization is an extreme, right-wing, authoritarian, or intolerant practice.

Being There


Sunday Symbolism, Esoteric Paradigms, and the Creation of Reality. The film ‘Being There’ Is the Trump Era’s Bible

To fully understand the Trump era, you have to watch "Being There"

The story of two men who get all the news from media. The men owe their success to TV. One is a fictional character in a satiric fable and the other is US President.

Don't Be Fooled


Please... don't be fooled by the lies, false accusations without proof, and outrageous comments. None of this is designed to make America great, but it can be a political smokescreen to take our attention away from important issues that our country faces.

Truth be told, I did not write all of this... These thoughts and ideas come from me and a variety of social media platforms and through shared circles.

Stella's Strong Nor'easter


Stella is not a good fella, and she's a ferocious female and definitely not a gem. Forecasters are warning the Nor'easter storm is expected to bring heavy snowfall all along the eastern United States from Boston to Washington D.C. and then some over the next few days.

This is a serious winter storm could dump the Northeast's biggest snowfall of the season and possible in years as it makes its way down the East Coast in two parts.

Freebies For US


Regardless of which day you may celebrate your special day, Walmart will be celebrating it this weekend.

Stores will be giving out one free chocolate or vanilla cupcake to all customers this Sunday only from 1-4P in honor of everyone's birthday.

They expect to give out 3 million cupcakes. While it's a little unconventional to declare a random day, Walmart isn't the first company to offer up celebratory freebies.

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