Massive Storm


Get out of there and evacuate the area while you still can. This is what I'm saying to all my South Florida family, friends, and followers, who have not yet decided to leave the danger zone... Mi Casa es Tu Casa.

Even commercial airlines have begun to wind down their Florida operations as Hurricane Irma is being tracked closer to the state's busiest airports. Already, hundreds of flights have been canceled in anticipation of Irma, which has astounded meteorologists with its relentless size, strength, and has already broken records powered by a strong ridge of high atmospheric pressure over the Atlantic ocean.

The slightly weakened Category 4 storm slammed into the Turks and Caicos Islands earlier as it barreled through the Caribbean, responsible for double digit deaths.

Hurricane experts say there is nothing like this video on modern record

Irma looms as the mythical 'Big One' Florida has long feared

American Dream or Nightmare?


Will there be more deaths and increased devastation as a result of a government that has failed some of US?

There was a time when this great nation welcomed all foreigners seeking a better life. But unfortunately, the lack of progress we have seen so far and most recently the DACA termination doesn't appear to be isolated acts. Is it an anti-immigrant camp pain undermining The United States of America's highest ideals of equality?

Devastating Hurricanes


A senior executive, who is experienced in forensic engineering, investigation, mitigation, response, repair, and rehabilitation and is a regular reader reached out and suggested I produce an information piece on people who are not evacuating in the face of Hurricanes. Hurricanes are unpredictable and can blow in any direction. Irma is now the mother of all hurricanes.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals


The news comes in all forms, shapes, and sizes, but this one is a DACA disaster. I denounce the decision by the Trump administration to end DACA. This marks a continuation of the anti-immigrant racist policies Trump has supported from the start. Is Trump not clever enough to realize Hispanos Unidos de America are becoming the majority to be reconned with?



President Trump is expected to announce the fate of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program, also known as DACA today.

He has been promising to kick many kids, students and some working men and women out of the country for a while, but now he has opted to shove off that Obama administration program to lawmakers rather than following through on yet another threat of declaring an immediate end to the protections. Is this yet another example of pointing the blame elsewhere? The Note: Trump resists ownership of DACA as decision looms -

Labor Day


On this #LaborDay, please remember those who marched and fought for a minimum wage, to implement child labor laws, humane working hours and vacation pay. Every worker deserves a $15 minimum wage and their right to join a union if they desire the power of collective bargaining.

Also, we will work to improve our blog but we don't want to build any walls. Instead, we wish to open up a dialogue with everyone, regardless of race, gender, creed, religious beliefs, or political party.

From Fire and Fury to We'll See?


Trump threatened ‘Fire and Fury’ against North Korea if it endangers the US or its allies last month. This month Nort Korea responded with a Hydrogen Bomb test.

The phrase may sound familiar to some John Wayne film fans, or constant readers of this daily blog. We wonder how can there be progress if two political bullies insist on threatening each other?

Obama's Trump Letter


Dear Mr. President -
Congratulations on a remarkable run. Millions have placed their hopes in you, and all of us, regardless of party, should hope for expanded prosperity and security during your tenure.
This is a unique office, without a clear blueprint for success, so I don't know that any advice from me will be particularly helpful. Still, let me offer a few reflections from the past 8 years.

RIP Walter Becker


The cause of death has yet to be announced, but Walter Becker died too young at age 67. He was a founding father of Steely Dan. Some say he's the one who started all before they adopted their new name.

STEELY DAN - Reelin in the Years (1973)

Steely Dan - Book Of Liars live in Nashville 1993 Walter Becker sings

'Steely Dan' Co-Founder Walter Becker Passes Away at 67

Walter Becker, Steely Dan Co-Founder, Dead at 67

Comporter in Chief


They came but left without meeting with local victims and then returned for another round, with the feel for heels to end this Summer of discontent. Is he sorry for the growing number of deaths, does he truly understand the dangers the polluted Superfund sites pose and the increasing pain and suffering of the people?

What will he actually do? We shall see how he comports himself in the long run and if he's being really sincere about representing everyone, regardless of nationality, race, gender, color or creed. Does he still have to show that he works for all of US?

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