SOM @ 50


The Sound of Music turns fifty today. This is one of our greatest and most enduring major motion pictures, with raindrops on roses and seven of the cutest kids.

The film featured breathtaking views of the Austrian Alps. And a stupendous score by the greatest songwriting team of Broadway's Golden Age. The sum of these parts, and so much more.

The Sound of Music premiered in New York on March 2, 1965 and went on to win five Academy Awards, including best picture. And this classic movie continues to defy all cynics.

The Sound Of Music: via @YouTube



Vanity, egotism, conceit brings on emptiness and can cost us plenty. This obsession, or excessive pride on appearances, qualities, abilities, achievements can become hazardous.

The failure to be liked, or followed on social media can be a great blow to one's vanity. But vanity appears to be the main reason why we waste so much time on social media.

Whether you’re an artist, blue collar, or white collar professional and work online or otherwise, too many are spending so much time on trying to be noticed and self-promotions.



As voters we have more power over our country than we think. We must not be influenced into thinking what our politicians want us to think.

1) We must be willing to invest in building and electing politicians that have the best interest of the middle class. We need to build and support our own PAC's. It will take investing, but we are already leveraging credit and working endless hours to survive.

RIP Minnie Miñoso


He was Major league baseball's first black player, but since he was Cuban Minnie Minoso was not considered to be the first African-American. I was extremely fortunate to have Saturnino Orestes Armas "Minnie" Miñoso Arrieta, a Cuban superstar and professional athlete make a special appearance at my birthday party when we lived in Cuba. Years later, I traveled to Chicago to get him to autograph a baseball. When I shared the story with friends and neighbors, they bought me this baseball card. Thanks, Bill and Elena!



The New York City Office of Emergency Management today issued a travel advisory for a wintry mix of snow and freezing rain Sunday, March 1 through Monday morning, March 2, 2015.

The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Weather Advisory for 10:00AM Sunday through 7:00AM Monday.

Light snow will develop by midday Sunday, with 1-2 inches of accumulation expected by Sunday evening. The snow will mix with or change to freezing rain Sunday evening.

Coldest February


National Weather Service confirms this has been the coldest February in decades across the Northeast and Midwest. Meanwhile, an active weather pattern on Sunday brings the threat of wintry weather to several parts of the U.S



Once the infamous Islamic State terrorist known as Jihadi John was unmasked as the executor Mohammed Emwazi. journalists found a photo of him from his days at the University of Westminster in London.

Unfortunately, Emwazi was wearing a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball hat. Their official response was "It is absolutely sickening to everyone within the Pirates organization, our great fans, to see this murderer wearing a Pirates cap in this old photo."

We'll take it one step further and add that he is not even worthy of cleaning the Pittsburgh Pirates, locker-rooms.

Control Sodium


You need salt to survive. Your body needs sodium to transmit nerve impulses, contract muscle fibers, and, along with potassium, to balance fluid levels in all your cells.

The body is so good at holding on to this vital mineral that you need to consume only a tiny amount of it each day. Too much sodium sets off a cascade of physiological changes that can raise blood pressure. Over time, uncontrolled high blood pressure can stress the heart and blood vessels, which can lead to stroke or heart attack.



The pressure cooker keeps boiling as that thorny issue, which has created a Republican push-back on Obama's immigration reform is still in the air and not going anywhere. But as the Congressional clock keeps ticking, we ask what is the solution? The US is now a global society.

Any effort to limit immigration with law as we did generations ago will fail because minorities are now a majority. Many try to hide their heads in the sand until years from now when they wont be around, but these folks do not realize the future is here.

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