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The Beginning of My End


On this date back on July 26, 1953, Fidel, Raul Castro and Che Guevara began a historic revolt against Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista with an unsuccessful attack on an army barracks in eastern Cuba. It was the beginning of the end of life as we knew it for me and my family. That fateful day was a pivotal moment which launched the infamous revolution.

Seven Year Itch


It is like a partner, or spouse telling you where they won't go, but refusing to tell you where they will. Today the GOP controlled Congress will possibly decide if millions of Americans will lose their healthcare. The reason we say possibly is that few folks know which version of the bill senators will be voting for.

After seven years of badmouthing the Affordable Care Act and six months of playing golf, the President and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will attempt to move a plan forward to hold a vote on repealing the Affordable Care Act.

Big City Homeless


Has the number of homeless people significantly increased in large metropolitan areas? Folks without a permanent place for them to live are most often unable to keep regular, safe, secure and adequate city housing.

This problem bodes poorly for the future. Decades of research have shown the staggering societal costs of families with children in poverty. The kids grow up with less education and lower earning power. They are more likely to end up with drug addictions, psychological traumas, diseases, and could possibly end up in prison.

Swamp to Sewer


One of his original promises was to drain the swamp, but now that slogan may go down the sewer. However, be warned that a clogged sewer pipe could leave all US voters ripe for a drain-cleaning scam.

The abundance of unscrupulous so called leaders has led to an all-time low in trustworthiness in our government, which connects the US House to The Senate and leads directly to The White House.

Draining the swamp — of brain power: Trump’s corrupt administration is fueled by anti-intellectualism

Spiritual Chilling


Will the people of the world allow an international crackdown on a free press? @POTUS has attacked the media at home and abroad, a move that some press freedom experts say could empower autocrats to take anti-press steps against journalists in other countries.

The president's attacks on the fake news media are not unusual he has called the mainstream media the “enemy of the American people”, but bashing the American media during an overseas press conference has incited fears that Trump might inspire autocrats and dictators around the world.

Women Rule


Can a female become a true hero? Yes, absolutely, but how many of them have served as emperors?

Even though according to the Confucian beliefs having a woman rule would be as unnatural as having a "hen crow like a rooster at daybreak," during the most glorious years of the Tang dynasty a woman did rule and ruled successfully. She was Wu Zetian, the only female in Chinese history to rule as emperor.

Wu Zetian

At The Associated Press, the world's oldest news organization women certainly rule. Three journalists named to senior news leadership team

Papaya Precautions


A fruit which is known to soothe stomach problems could cause them as a result of a salmonella outbreak.

The papaya is the plant Carica papaya, one of the 22 accepted species in the genus Carica of the family Caricaceae. It is native to the tropics of the Americas, perhaps from southern Mexico and neighboring Central America.

According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 47 people in 12 states have become sick after eating the fruit, 12 of whom were hospitalized.

President vs US Law


No president is capable of pardoning himself. Donald Trump has reportedly requested his team of attorneys for direction about his power to pardon associates, family and himself. Meanwhile, the Trump team seeks to control, and or block Mueller’s Russia investigation.

The president's lawyers reportedly are hunting for dirt on Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team to help with future arguments about conflicts of interest. Trump Aides, Seeking Leverage, Investigate Mueller’s Investigators

The Loose Juice?


Could Orenthal James "OJ" Simpson, aka The Juice, who was an NFL running back, broadcaster, actor, and convicted armed robber a kidnapper be dangerous?

Now that the parole board has issued a final decision, OJ may be on his way to a neighborhood near some of US.

O.J. Simpson triumphant, others devastated as he gets parole

BBC News - OJ Simpson to be freed from Nevada prison

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