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Sex Sells in Cinema


It's a jungle out there, with increasing sex scenes being peddled by the film industry. CITY IMAGES found a series of major motion pictures that walk a fine line for the censors. Some of these date back a half century.

The moral lobby of politicians, parents, priests and pundits might not stem the flow of sex on the big screen but the advertising lobby certainly can. In the meantime, these are some sexually provocative films we have identified that will make you feel like taking a cold shower, or perhaps something more daring afterwards.

You Too Can Follow


The following YouTube channels are worth watching, and you may even return time and again. The channel has offered a variety of topics with something for everyone. Here are some possible money making ones 4 U.

Binge-watch Holiday?


If you plan to participate in binge-watching, which is also called binge-viewing or marathon-viewing during this holiday, you may wish to consider the following politically motivated major motion pictures.

After honoring the members of our military who served this country and died, lets focus on the political leaders who preside over the democratic society for which our brave soldiers stood for. Here are a few films that may restore your faith in democracy.

Memorial Day


Since 1868, when it was proclaimed by General John Logan, Memorial Day was a holiday to remember the soldiers who died in the Civil War. The holiday was a step towards national reconciliation. Decoration Day was the original name and it was about placing flowers on the graves of the soldiers who died to make this, the greatest nation on earth. And let's not allow anyone to say anything that makes US feel any different.

Has the true meaning of this holiday gotten lost? Is it that Memorial Day has lost its significance because we have too many so-called leaders who chose not to serve?

Active Hurricane Season


National Hurricane Center officials are predicting an above-normal 2017 Hurricane Season with several hurricanes packing minimum 74 mph winds, with a few being a Category 3 or stronger minimum 111 mph winds. The severe forecast calls for a total of 11 to 17 tropical systems with minimum velocity of 39 mph winds.

A hurricane is an intense tropical storm with powerful winds and heavy rain.Other names for a hurricane include cyclone, typhoon and tropical storm. The different names usually indicate where the storm originated.

Don't Swallow


The water could prove to be dangerous because even though some swimming pools are clean, floating inside other troubled waters there is enough toxicity to make us sick. HEALTH

RIP Gregg Allman


Could the death of Gregg Allman also be called the end of pure Southern Rock? The American keyboard and lead singer for The Allman Brothers Band died at age 69. It all started in Nashville, Tennessee and when he was nine he once said he fell heads over heels with music.

Cher, Melissa Etheridge, Keith Urban, and more remember Gregg Allman.

Gregg Allman, Southern Rock Pioneer, Dead at 69

Gregg Allman: A Voice of the South Who Mixed a Musical Melting Pot

Home Run or Run Home?


President Trump is calling his first foreign tour a home run, but if you read some of the tea leaves you may see that others are characterizing it like a run home. There's also lots of explaining to do, domestically speaking.

Now that he's back from this historic overseas journey, reality says sometimes you win, but then again sometimes you lose. Just saying, Trump did not deliver on his previous promises, has not shown full support for the climate deal and also chastised NATO members.

Sleep or Eat Me


Get plenty of rest, or eat me, our brains will warn us. Sleep deprivation can lead to higher risk of chronic health problems like high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. Also, the human brain begins to eat itself when we continually loose sleep.

Sleep Loss Promotes Astrocytic Phagocytosis and Microglial Activation in Mouse Cerebral Cortex

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