Paranoid President?


A long-standing pattern of pervasive distrust and suspiciousness of others. The person with a paranoia will believe others motives are suspect.

The president is now blaming Obama. Why won't he take full responsibility, people?
Trump says Obama is behind protests against him via @usatoday

Meanwhile, a Republican president is asking questions. George W. Bush on Trump and Russia: 'We all need answers'

Empathy Education


Always Listen, Open Up, Offer Affection, Focus Outward, Withhold Judgement, Offer Help.

Become Interested, Volunteer and Help, Challenge Prejudices, Use Imagination, and Respect.

Do not get discouraged, showing empathy takes repetition to make it a habit.

Avoid "why" questions because this comes across as accusatory.

Others can see through insincerity and your relationship could end.

How to Close the Empathy Gap | For Parents | US News

RIP: Bill Paxton


The weekend announcement of Bill Paxton's sudden death as a result of heart surgery complications has left many in shock. He was not only a versatile actor but a director who worked on many films.

As a youngster, Paxton wanted to see the president and did hours before John F. Kennedy was shot and killed. Paxton was born: May 17, 1955, and Died: February 25, 2017.

From Aliens to Twister, we remember Bill Paxton through his most memorable roles:



I've made predictions in the past and have also been wrong many times before, but that has never stopped me. So I will say my peace and although I thought La La Land would win for best picture, I was wrong. I also truly enjoyed Missing numbers, the real stories of black women, Moonlight, and Fences, but my money was on La La Land. But again, I was mistaken and this is probably the reason why I have little money to speak of.

Once again, I was wrong, and Moonlight won after a huge screwup. And tonight's finale mess proved my point because the wrong winner was announced.

If you can't stand the heat...


If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Don't persist with a task if the pressure of it is too much for you. The implication being that, if you can't cope, you should leave the work to someone who can.

From one plain speaker to another... We're Wild About Harry now more than ever before.

This is widely reported as being coined by US President Harry S. Truman. That's almost correct, but in fact, Truman was known to have used it at least as early as 1942 - before becoming president. Here's a citation from an Idaho newspaper The Soda Springs Sun, from July that year:



On this date and back in 1964, the person who called himself the greatest, but actually proved it became a boxing legend.

Muhammad Ali, then known as Cassius Clay, won his first heavyweight belt by knocking out Sonny Liston.

Over 50 years later, his 44-year-old was coming home from a trip to Jamaica with his mom, the former wife of the late boxing icon when the two were stopped by officials at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

Muhammad Ali Jr. detained by immigration officials at Fla. airport

Eastside NYC Food Fright


The wild west has apparently moved into a quiet and unassuming east side neighborhood.
City Island is a small and use to be a relatively safe and quiet island in New York City, which is just a mile and a half long and a half mile wide.

The following video clips you are about to see were taken at a local City Island, NY eatery. A food fight turned into a violent brawl, which quickly got out of hand in an NYC neighborhood not normally know for this type of activity.



The FBI recently rebuffed White House to publicly reject media claims of contacts between Trump’s campaign and Russian intelligence officials.

Contact between administration and bureau violated limitations on communications pertaining to ongoing probes.

Official: Reince Priebus asked FBI to dispute reports that Trump's campaign advisers were in touch with Russia.

Report: Priebus asked FBI to refute Russia stories

Writing and Wrongings


Blogs like #CITYIMAGES not only provide multiple viewpoints about pleasant issues and adversity but allow for public comments as long as they do not cross the line of civility.

Humans evolved to notice sounds, smells, to appreciate smiles or the body language of a potential friend or foe. We adapt to conditions and learn and to do all of the things necessary for survival. We enjoy the arts, and music because rhythm and melodies have been the methods we have communicated over long distances.

Administration Anger


Some so-called GOP leaders are staying away from town halls in fear of their constituents, who are angry as hell.

Republicans who rode a wave of Tea Party discontent at town halls are now skipping them to avoid giving local citizens the opportunity to strike back with the same tactics they used.

Protesters insists that it's not only about the US economy, but healthcare, and natural resources, but also about human rights.

GOP politicians face protests over President Trump at town halls

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