Headlines 8/31/11

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HURRICANE IRENE DAMAGES. Deaths, Flooding, Many Stranded and Isolated.

CUT-OFF FROM CAROLINA TO CANADA. Massive Recovery Efforts Continue.

BURNING WILDFIRES. Oklahoma & Texas' Massive Blazes.

WILL CHAOS FOLLOW AFTER KHADAFY? Killer Colonel is Cornered.

$60 BILLION LOST IN AFGHANISTAN & IRAQ. Full of Abuse and Fraud.


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Hurricane IRENE controlled the airwaves over the weekend as many TV and Radio stations along the East Coast provided wall-to-wall coverage of the storm as it moved through our Tri-state area. Since the hurricane proved to be less catastrophic than many had anticipated, here is what some said about how local stations handled the storm–l

Stations used threat of hurricane to draw viewers. 47.5%

No one knew how bad Irene would be so stations had to prepare viewers for the worst. 27.18%


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“It saddens me how some people have no regard for human life. Yesterday, a shooting occurred while families and young children were enjoying a beautiful evening on E. 181st and Daly Ave. This time three people were shot: 20-year old, Ricky Rodriquez, two-year old Patience Boyd and six-year old Jayla Rodriquez. While Ricky and Jayla are in stable condition, Patience remains in critical condition, and may lose her life to a thug’s bullet.

Bronx History Forum

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This September is becoming an important month to join walks or lectures.

Sat 9/10th 10-noon join EBHF member Stephen Paul DeVillo with the Bronx River Alliance and the Friends of Woodlawn Cemetery on a historic walk along the Woodlawn Brook

Sat Sept 10th 1PM "Where did Anne Hutchinson Live " at St. Paul’s Church National Historic Site 897 S. Columbus Avenue, Mt. Vernon, NY 10550

EBHF Weds Sept 21st 7:30pm first meeting of the season
“ Historic Highbridge Irish “ – presentation by Kate Feighery


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The August Meeting of the City Island Civic Association will take place on August 30th, 2011, at 7:30 p.m. at 190 Fordham Street. We welcome your input and attendance and we need your help.There is no guest speaker invited or expected to attend.

There will updates given from our Crime, Quality of Life, Development and Traffic Committees.

Headlines 8/30/11

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46 IRENE DEATHS. Wide Spread Destruction.

1.5 MILLION W/O POWER. Tri-State Waiting for Utilities.

MTA SAYS NO WAY. To Unlimited Card Refunds.

NOT OVER YET. Hurricane Season Continues.



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What a week... First there was the earthquake, which hit the east coast and then tremors, followed by a hurricane. Holy cow- Thank the Lord it's finally over. New York City was spared the worst of earthquake, tremors last week and then Hurricane IRENE this weekend -

By The Grace of GOD, New Yorkers were mostly spared.

Thank God it's over... It has been a very rough week, including an earthquake and tremors, followed by the violent weekend visit from Hurricane IRENE. God's good deed for NYC decade!

Bronx Education Summit

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Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. announced that Dr. Diane Ravitch, widely considered to be the preeminent education expert in the United States, will offer the keynote address at the first-ever “Bronx Education Summit: From Cradle to Career,” to be held on Saturday, October 15, 2011, at Lehman College.