Submitted by ub on Sun, 05/28/2023 - 15:50

I have always wanted to live in a lighthouse close enough to the shore and now the US is giving some away, and selling others.

Since I have been living on City Island beginning in the 1990s., of all the time-worn majestic structures flashing lights for the appreciated guidance of ships avoiding nautical dangers, two lighthouses along Long Island Sound have always stood out for me.

I've been trying to see these majestic structures for the longest time, but unfortunately, I had to clear multiple hurdles, roadblocks, and buoys. Finally, persistence paid off, and I could schedule this journey with two of my favorite photographer colleagues, Dick Sadler and Jimmy Breen to produce this feature for you. My thanks to the fabulous folks at the US Coast Guard.

The AP reports that ten lighthouses that for generations have stood like sentinels along America’s shorelines protecting mariners from peril and guiding them to safety are being given away at no cost or sold at auction by the federal government.…

Which one should we try to buy?