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An amazing Accountability Summer Season is on the horizon for the world’s most horrible half-human half-monster individual.

Who makes fun of sexual assault, while awaiting the outcome, of the four criminal investigations of his conduct, and the conduct of the 2020 election that he lost to POTUS Joe Biden?Donald Jack Trump

The longtime Russian puppet wants congressional Republicans to force a default on the national debt rather than give in on the debt ceiling fight, a development that could collapse markets worldwide. He also denounced defending Ukraine.

He is friendly to his handler Russian President Vladimir Putin, claiming he would be able to resolve the Russian war in one day if given the chance. Will he also get Mexico to build and pay for a border wall?

As many as 400 GOP stooges whom CNN invited to its desperate TV ratings action in New Hampshirite welcomed JACK with a standing ovation and often applauded or laughed loudly after the twice impeached, indicted,  sexual predator continued to lie with his hateful comments.

CNN town hell audience laughs at sexual assault as Trump reminds us how awful he is

For anyone who grew weary of Trump’s dishonesty and bullheaded cruelty while he was president, CNN's town hall brought back nauseating memories, as well as a preview of how little has changed.…

AOC and Jeffries slam CNN for platforming Donald Trump’s 'election disinformation' and abortion lies…