Amazing New Moon

Submitted by ub on Sat, 01/21/2023 - 23:00

Did you know that tonight’s New Moon is going to be the.closest to planet earth in more 1,000 years. It will be felt, barely seen.

Earth's Moon is the only place beyond Earth where humans have set foot.The Next Full Moon is the Wolf or Ice Moon

The brightest and largest object in our night sky, the Moon makes Earth a more livable planet by moderating our home planet's wobble on its axis, leading to a relatively stable climate. It also causes tides, creating a rhythm that has guided humans for thousands of years. The Moon was likely formed after a Mars-sized body collided with Earth

This entire weekend, the moon will be absent from the night sky as it rises and sets with the sun. The moon will have a shaded side facing our planet during the day.

This is what's typically known as a new moon, and this month's new moon also happens to be the closest to Earth since the year 992.…