Public Health

Elections Have Consequences


Regardless of which side of the abortion issue any American stands on, SCOTUS conservative jurists have managed to rewrite history.

The ruling reportedly signals a new battle at the polls for future elections. Republicans have won only eight of the last 14 presidential elections and two of those presidents did not win the popular vote, so the president has seemed like more or less a toss-up since the debacle of the Lyndon Johnson presidency.

Seniors Love Pets


Senior citizens always mysteriously come to life immediately whenever puppies are brought into their home environment.

Are you wondering how you are going to care for your pet as you age in place? Should you adopt a pet as you age in place?

RIP Jim Seals


James Eugene "Jim" Seals Co-Founder of “Summer Breeze” Duo Seals and Crofts has reportedly died at 80 years of age.

Despite their breakup in 1980, Seals and Crofts reunited, but only produced one album after the millennium and their initial claim to fame in the ’70s: “Traces” in 2004.

California Drought
ub Tue, 05/31/2022 - 11:27

The growing California drought has reportedly resurrected a plan for continuing the continuing controversial Sites Reservoir.

A long-dead proposal to flood a bucolic valley north of Sacramento and create a massive reservoir for thirsty Southern California is finding new life, as well as opposition amid the effects of climate change and worsening drought.

MonkeyPox Spreading


Monkeypox is an infectious disease caused by the monkeypox virus that can occur in certain animals as well as human beings.

Symptoms begin with fever, headache, muscle pains, swollen lymph nodes, and feeling tired. This is followed by a rash that forms blisters and crusts over. The time from exposure to onset of symptoms is around 10 days. The duration of symptoms is typically two to four weeks.

Abortion Protection Defeated


Senate Democrats fell short in a rushed effort to codify Roe v. Wade abortion access as federal law, blocked by a Republican filibuster.



Governments all over the world have systematically and massively under-reported the number of COVID deaths over the years.

The  global pandemic has reportedly caused an estimated 15 million deaths and counting. This is a 12 alarm 🔥 fire, folks.

China Syndrome?


First, the great metropolis of Shanghai is on hard lockdown and has continued despite multiple reports of households emergencies.

They are reportedly running out of fresh food or the sick and elderly are unable to get necessary but non-Covid related medical care.

Now in the past few days, the authorities fuelled a fresh public outcry in Beijing by dispatching officials in white hazmat suits to erect two-meter-high green fences outside residential buildings, forbidding those inside the sealed zone from leaving.

Mask Mandates Madness


Federal judge vacates the #CDC mask mandate in USA airports, as well as other American transport hubs without any hearing.

The US government says passengers traveling on public transportation won't be required to wear a face mask for now after a judge in Florida ruled the federal mask mandate exceeded the authority of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

American Apathy


Feeling indifferent or lacking emotion, is more often than not a clear and present danger sign of depression, or misuse of drugs.

Anyone feeling uninterested in relationships, unmotivated at work, uninterested in school, or just feeling empty doesn’t know why they feel apathy. Sometimes, apathetic feelings are a result of things we can recognize and change. For example, we’re feeling bored at work or we’re no longer attracted to someone we once felt attracted to, on interested in learning from our mistakes.