Wisdom and Knowledge

As I continue to grow older and hopefully wiser, I still enjoy increasing my digital footprint and sharing free information content for all.

I also find that as long as I keep practicing 😎 Kindness, Honesty, and Curiosity with those who offer similar actions, or a mutual exchange of privileges, these are the key attributes during these times of extreme development in social and political divisiveness I can be helpful by distributing the following vetted news and information content.

@DOSEOFNEWS https://arts.doseofnews.com #DONews

https://newshooks.com #NewsHooks 

@Cimages https://twitter.com/CIMAGES

#CongressInformation https://deargovernment.info

My hope is that these platforms will help spread digital democracy for all to participate and enjoy one planet 🌍 for us all to share.

As I continue to develop digital and discover content, I will keep trying to do it without taking myself too seriously, with reciprocity and good humor. Cheers to all as I raise a glass of Margarita (my late, mother’s first name).

The bottom line is that on one else is me and this is my unique Super power that no by else shares.

Salud, dinero y amor. Health, wealth and love ❤️ to all who wish the same for me on my 39th birthday…Once Again!