Winter Wonderful?

For all those folks who really love winter, this first storm of the year 2022 is custom made just for all of you to enjoy the season.

A winter storm was roaring through a swath of the Midwest over the weekend is poised to blast parts of the East with the first major snow of the season.

The storm watch was issued on Monday for much of the Washington, D.C., and Baltimore area. Up to 6 inches of snow could fall in some areas, the National Weather Service said. "The ingredients are in place for part of the mid-Atlantic to have snow fall at a heavy rate of 1-3 inches per hour for a time on Monday," AccuWeather Meteorologist Ryan Adamson said. Questions remain as to how far north the northern extent of the heavy snow will end up. 

Dozens of snowball warriors gathered at the National Mall in Washington and split up into two sides to pummel each other with snowballs

This large winter storm is expected to cause problems just south of Pennsylvania, but some minor impacts could still be felt locally. This quick but heavy storm is currently expected to hit Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey and the DC area on Monday, but is “just going to graze the southeastern part of the state,” according to National Weather Service Meteorologists. 

NYC Today expect a slight chance of snow showers before 7am, then a chance of snow, mainly between 7am and 5pm. Mostly cloudy, with a temperature falling to around 29 by 10am. Wind chill values between 15 and 25. North wind 11 to 16 mph. Chance of precipitation is 50%.

Drivers snowed-in all night as I-95 shuts down in Virginia | AP News…