Viva CUBA Libre

There is no way to predict wether the Cuban protesters will eventually prevail against repression, but their courage is commendable.

I served as the first GM-15/10 Director Office of Cuba Broadcasting for TV Marti under President George HW Bush. I have never ever seen anything like these protests by the Cuban people that are being carried out all over the Caribbean island.

Shouting "freedom" and "down with the dictatorship, hundreds of Cubanos are taking to the streets in several provinces of the country, in the largest protest on the island in the last 60 years. 7/11 may just be a lucky day for CUBA 🇨🇺.

Thousands of people take to the streets across Cuba raising a VOICE for freedom and democracy by calling for the resignation of those in power. As these demonstrations continue to spread, Raul Castro's newly appointed and hand-chosen successor Miguel Díaz Canel called on government supporters to take to the streets t"confront them. "We are calling on all the revolutionaries of the country, all the communists, to take to the streets and go to the places where these provocations are going to occur from now on and in all these days.

Cuba’s communist regime is mobilizing its infamous Black Berets to shut down the uprising that is currently underway across the island. This is going to get bloody and violent, folks.

The people are shouting to the global community to stand up for the Cuban people. They are demanding their freedom now!  Through social networks on the island, dozens of Cubans broadcast live the demonstrations that began in the town of San Antonio de Los Baños, in the southwest of Havana, and then spread to others, from Santiago de Cuba, in the east to Pinar del Río, in the west.

As the anniversary of the Cuban Revolution approaches, the people of Cuba have had enough. On July 26, 1953, exactly 68 years ago, a small band of courageous and principled young Cubans stormed the Moncada Barracks in the city of Santiago, in Eastern Cuba. Though that uprising failed to dislodge the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista, it was the beginning of a movement that has changed the world forever.

Batista had originally taken power in the “Sergeants’ Coup” of 1933. He ruled Cuba behind the scenes for a while but made himself president in 1940. In his first term, Batista carried out relatively progressive pro-worker policies and thus was supported by the Cuban Communist Party and the labor unions.

Then came Russia and that relationship led to my family leaving the Communist island and losing everything we had, but gaining our freedom and embracing democracy in the USA. #SOSCUBA 

Exactly one year ago, the highest-ranking Communist official wrote the following words to me - We will have to wait for the good times to come back once again Roberto. Everything has changed, but I think things will return to their original course.

And so it goes. I am waiting for him to respond to the present situation in my island birthplace.Viva Cuba Libre!