Everyone knows vaccines and masks reduce the spread of the global pandemic, so why are so many people refusing to participate?

Most reasonable folks may soon will begin demonstrations Monday in the hopes that it will serve to of pressure public safety  administrators to institute mask and vaccine mandates.

Organizers are adamant that the protest is not a work stoppage as strikes are illegal in some areas, and participants would be fired. Some say the ultimate goal is an immediate mask mandate for everyone.

Educators also want more control to move classes online as COVID-19 case counts rise. The best thing they and others lcan do, is keep public pressure on decision-makers even if there’s “no sign they’ve been listening so far.

They’ve made it clear that there are no number of cases, hospitalizations or deaths too high for reasonable folks to change their mind. Get busy with Vax and masks and remember to touch the people in your inner circle because everyone needs the warmth of human kindness.

Please, do not listen to these morons. Get vaccinated and protect yourself and your loved ones from #COVID.