The White Rose of Paradise

Dante Alighieri’s Commedia is the greatest poem in literature. That should attract us all, but most prefer overlooking what is old.

It has been 700 years since Dante’s death in September 1321. Since society has automobiles, telephones, and computers. We have come a long way. What could that long-dead Florentine say to all of us today?

We are going somewhere, and the journey we are on is not in our choice. We can always choose the wrong path, or fail to complete our journey However, our ultimate destination, and the means for arrival, are not up to us. The destination is to behold he who is Divine and to delight in his glory. And that alone is the way. Take a closer look closely at the first lines of this poem:

Midway upon the journey of our life
I found myself in a dark wilderness,
for I had wandered from the straight and true.

After 700 years, why are women from Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy’ finally getting their due, but through Wikipedia? Among the 600 characters appearing in the poem, women are the least likely to appear in the historical record.…