The New American Dream

Submitted by ub on Fri, 03/12/2021 - 08:04

For the first time in a long while everyone who lives under #USA Democracy may soon begin to enjoy a new post-COVID balanced life.

The last one always seemed to speak to his base, President Biden speaks to our entire nation. After years of living in fear of Russian influence, and behind an imaginary border wall, then following 12 months of isolation and after nearly six months of listening to the big liar, Americans may soon find a way to go out to visit families, friends, and neighbors without having to face a life-or-death decision.

The new American Dream is the idea that our newly and legally elected American government under the Democrats will protect each person's opportunity to pursue their idea of happiness regardless of their race, color, beliefs, or political affiliation. It is an improvement and refreshing to see and hear a real President with compassion and understanding of the pain and hurt of the masses. He is no sleepy joe. POTUS Biden is calm, collected, and decisive all traits of good leadership.

The newly elected government will protect the rights of every American 🇺🇸 to work towards their individual path towards economic prosperity. Unlike many other nations, our destiny will no longer be determined by wealth, religion, or gender. There may still be some discrimination, but new law enforcement practices will protect everyone’s right to legally pursue a better life for themselves and their loved ones.