Seven Hundred Thousand Crimes

Do you remember when COVID arrived in America in the Spring of 2020 and the former GOP guy and his VP lies it would disappear?

Many public safety first responders representing racial minorities began working on the front lines and advocated for more people who looked similar. It eventually became clear that the global pandemic and deadly virus was hurting certain communities of color much harder than some others.

The Republicans then sold out America, a beautiful, friendly, and brave Republic with a proud history, science, music, and fine arts. We remember a more populous and richer nation full of treasures with a growing melting pot and tossed salad of races and cultures. Take a look at the most recent US Census figures.

Fast forward 18 months later and there’s a clear difference in how these groups, including the elderly, have been lost and forgotten based on their age, race, and economic status.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone who is intelligent enough to realize that our previous government was involved in acts of negligent homicide and a GOP desire to make and break the US during this pandemic is reshaping our humanity. This explains their pushback on vax and masks.

As the number of people diagnosed with COVID grows every day throughout the USA  and across the world it is clear to most that vaccines and masks are the most important defense we have against #COVID. When it comes to masking, the most important parameters are filtration, fit, and safety.

The science deniers who continue to insist on spreading their anti-vax and anti-mask propaganda offer fast-evolving challenges during these technological times. It has become crystal clear that to them, some lives no longer matter.

Keep in mind that the murder and suicide rates increased under their Republican time in power while they wasted time lying and denying. Now they are obstructing progress promising that when they retake control they will pass healthcare and infrastructure programs. But don’t fall for these liars who claimed they would accomplish a staggering amount their last time around, but all they did was give tax breaks to the rich. Keep in mind that health deteriorates and infrastructure weakens with each and every moment lost.

interestingly enough, it was a year ago today that Trump tested positive for #COVID and was hospitalized at Walter Reed Medical Center. Time flies even for the big fat lies.

Meanwhile, rural Americans keep dying from Covid19 at over twice the rate of their urban counterparts. This represents a divide that health experts warn is likely to widen as access to medical care continues to shrink.

Finally, Genocide or non-combat killing are perpetrated by a government. A mass killing is commonly defined as the killing of group members without the intention to eliminate the whole group, or the deaths of large numbers of people.