Real Truth Caravan

POTUS War on Latinos and a Caravan is NOT the most pressing issue in this election. The Democrats do not support open borders and the reason why ICE gets a bad rap is about those kids who have still been detained hundreds of days after the court ordered them released. This is also a war on many woman and children.

These migrants who are making their way north are looking to flee extreme violence, not to perpetuate it. Despite what you may have heard, this is not a national emergency. Even if a small percentage are eligible for asylum, where will they settle? Not in my backyard. Why not put them near all of Trump's Golf Courses?

So why is Trump exploiting the migrant caravan? He’s trying to scare Americans into voting for the same Republicans who decided to lock up them up, to slash social security and Medicare benefits. And the fact that most of Trump’s rhetoric regarding the caravan isn’t based in truth doesn’t seem to matter to him, the GOP or any of his supporters.

A caravan of ragtag, would-be immigrants through Honduras per capita income $4,630, El Salvador per capita income $7,540, Guatemala per capita income $8,000 to Mexico 17,740 PPP dollars. They like most Americans now living in the #USA are willing to work, where per capita income is $60,200.

There’ve been caravans before and out of ones that have marched north only a third have reached the border to request asylum. About 22 percent of asylum requests are granted. The right to seek asylum is legal and some folks don't realize that even crossing the US border is a misdemeanor low-level crime.

All the people who want to stop anyone from entering our nation are most likely the children or grandchildren of descendants who probably entered years ago and stayed here illegally. Do the research and you'll see every one of them will be, including you and me.

Who became popular by saying Obama was not an American and then admitted he was? Who got elected on the issue of executive breach information security pointing to his opponent's email protocol as secretary of State, this became an exaggeration available to him that would gain traction? The absurdity was the scale of the attention in proportion to the gravity of the offense. Conservatives claimed it was a disqualifying factor and the emails became the basis for the “Lock her up!” chants that Trump partisans continue to take to alarming criminal offenses.

However, the facts are that Russia and China listen to a president's non-secure cell phone is a greater danger. Foreign adversaries who are spying on Trump’s cell phone calls is a more dangerous issue. But the lying king has a way to turn non-realities or misinformation into political issues. He makes a big deal of much to do about nothing.

The ignorant and xenophobic comments coming from conservatives and right-wing social networks claiming they're invading terrorists in disguise bent on destabilizing or destroying the United States could not be further from the real truth.

Most of these refugees have walked for days fleeing violence and seeking a better life for themselves and their families.
The Central American migrant caravans set off during Holy Week including folks from the Northern Triangle of Central America organized by Pueblo Sin Fronteras. The real truth and available from Fox News…