Racing Towards Destruction

The crazy days of Autumn are here and quickly growing, while some #Republicans keep trying while innocent Americans keep dying.

Do we know who is paying the tab for others to take the lead in a @GOP race to destroy the fiber of #USA Democracy? The larger question is why and who is forcing these insane #Republicans who appear intent in killing innocent #Americans on their fast lane to the bottom?

#Republicans who represent #WeThePeople should never threaten retaliation to Americans for companies complying with legal requests from #Congress. This appears to be obvious to abiding by the rule of law. What are they hiding and who is paying them? 

Meanwhile, the GOP governor's policies are a gift that keeps on giving bad returns. Still, they expect Americans to be stupid enough to believe they are a pillar of piousness when it comes to politics.

POTUS to those threatening lawsuits over the vaccine-or-weekly-testing mandate for large businesses, "I am so disappointed that particularly some Republican governors have been so cavalier with the health of these kids."

Why have so many right-wing extremists ranted against public safety measures during the entire global pandemic even as they follow the same extensive safety measures, including immunization requirements and working from home?