POTUS Heavy Lifting

While Republicans were in control they gave tax breaks, packed the court system, while denying and delaying America’s needs.

Trump stole the election with help from Russia,  Putin sees America as an enemy, and U.S. intelligence believes he targeted the 2016 presidential election. then Trump managed to bury the proof. He got impeached twice while cozying up to communists in Moscow and Pyongyang. He took our taxpayer dollars but refused to release his own taxes and then tried to reverse the transfer of power by claiming without proof that there was election fraud. His failed attempt to stop Congress from certifying his defeat, by force if necessary, throwing his VP under the political bus is clear from here. Does the GOP stand for anything except trolling, vigilante violence, and death?

POTUS is now doing the heavy lifting after four disastrous years of lies and neglect. Besides his infrastructure bill and a build-back better plan for America, he is strengthening relationships with our democratic allies, while warning or communist foes.

President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin will speak again as tensions between the two nations escalate over a Russian troop buildup on the Ukrainian border seen as a sign of a potential invasion. Biden will reportedly emphasize his desire for a diplomatic solution to the U.S. conflict with Russia over Ukraine but will warn Putin that Russia's continued aggression against its neighbor will come with costs. Ukraine has been on edge in recent weeks amid a fresh build-up of Russian troops on the nation's eastern border, near where Moscow and Kyiv have been enmeshed in a simmering conflict for the last seven years that's killed more than 14,000 people.  

Previously POTUS spoke with president Xi and called out China’s predatory industrial policies, their cyber hacking, increasing economic coercion practices, and efforts to bend international institutions to its preferences that have all exacerbated geoeconomic competition.

Also, a virtual gathering of democracies is set as the citizens of Cuba and Belarus have hit the streets to demand a say in their governance or, at least, some accountability from their leaders. This comes as Western leaders have grown increasingly wary of the tactics and intentions of the ruling Chinese Communist Party and alarmed about renewed Russian aggression toward Ukraine.

Is this enough heavy lifting? Is it what the USA is supposed to do and what you expect from POTUS and Congress? Reach out and speak your mind now. https://dearmrpresident.org/home   https://deargovernment.info/