Our Corona 2021

Coronavirus cases alarm as they continue to be on the rise amid the ' OMICRON ' threat, as many new cases in 24 hours periods.

In an old theory, the last gasp is the fifth wave which is longer and stronger. Is this what may be happening to the Covid Virus? The virus could be about to mutate into a flu-type organism. Hopefully, More a pain in the neck than a killer.

From an old genetics professor comes this bit of wisdom: "Viruses are optimally interested in keeping their hosts alive so that they themselves may continue living."

Humans are advanced, sentient viruses, with a dash of infinite stupidity. Maybe we’re evolving and thus being subsumed by smarter viral forms?

A bit of optimism about wave volume for suns of beach dwellers and #COVID deniers. Merry Christmas to all and a Good Night.  And so it goes... etc.