On The Waterfront

New Yorkers are increasingly using the vastly underutilized waterfront for ferry service as an environmental alternative to automobiles.

NYC Ferry has the largest #USA passenger fleet with a total of 38 vessels, providing between 20–90 minute service on each of the routes, depending on the season. A ferry to St. George, Staten Island, and a stop in Throgs Neck/Ferry Point Park launched in 2021, while a route to Coney Island is planned.

Ferry service also can give better access to transit desert communities far from the central city that doesn’t have nearby train lines. In many cases, local government needs to commit to investment so affordability and transit access equity can be assured. Today the community I represented for years finally got the ferry service we long sought.

The Big Apple has gone a long way with that “NYC Ferry Launch Day on May 1, 2017, https://vimeo.com/387720283

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