South Midwest Destruction

#CityImages would like join All Americans to remember those families throughout the central U.S. who are victims of the 36 tornadoes..

Also, the public safety officers and members of the news media spent the night keeping people informed and updated to stay as safe as possible during a horrific night of extremely severe weather. It is at times like this that the most important purpose of our jobs comes out. We proceed as if limits to our ability don't exist. Dozens killed as tornadoes rip through Kentucky, other U.S. states 

There is no rest for the weary is a wry observation on the heavy workload and absence of relaxation that seems to characterize victims and loved ones as well as all public servants.

And consider a poor individual being killed by a Tornado while working in a factory at 3 am In the 3rd poorest state of the nation to provide for their family and try to make Christmas special for the kids. The people who lost their lives were poor. What has #Republican Senator #MitchMcConnell, who is reportedly worth $35 million? Rand Paul is reported worth over a couple of million also. What does either one of them do to improve any of the lives of Kentucky residents? Are they out there helping, or planning their Christmas celebrations? One of these two members of the GOP just send out an email saying "The truth is that the hysterical power-hungry bureaucrats... don't want you to know what’s really happening." His words, not ours. 

At least 50 people are feared dead after an outbreak of tornadoes that tore through Kentucky and surrounding Midwestern states overnight. Kentucky Gov. Andy Bashear announced the death toll from the event will exceed 50 Kentuckians and "probably end up closer to 70 or 100 lost lives."

Aerial footage shows the scale of damage in Mayfield, Kentucky, after a catastrophic tornado outbreak. Officials fear there is at least 50 dead in Kentucky. Latest:

Forecasters are now predicting a powerful storm system will affect the Central and Eastern U.S into Saturday. A foot of snow may occur from portions of the Plains to the Great Lakes. Severe storms with several tornadoes and damaging wind gusts are likely from the Lower Mississippi Valley to the Ohio Valley. High winds forecast across the Great Lakes and Northeast. Another Pacific system approaches this weekend.


WHAT...Southwest winds 15 to 25 mph with gusts up to 50 mph expected. WHERE...Portions of northeast New Jersey, southern Connecticut,   and southeast New York. 

WHEN...From 3 PM this afternoon to 4 AM EST Sunday. * IMPACTS...Gusty winds could blow around unsecured objects. Tree limbs could be blown down and a few power outages may result.

PRECAUTIONARY ACTIONS... Use caution when driving if operating a high-profile vehicle. Secure outdoor objects.

  • At least 36 tornadoes across six states: Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, and Tennessee.
  • At least 70 people are likely dead after multiple tornadoes barreled through Kentucky, Arkansas, and Illinois.
  • The potential for more severe weather continues over the weekend as the system moves east.
  • The Kentucky tornado lofted debris over 30K feet into the air. That's among the most intense ever recorded.…