Nicaragua Selection

Nicaragua’s Dictator Daniel Ortega declares victory after jailing his major opponents before the highly contested re-election #CamPain.

When I was a young reporter I interviewed the former Nicaragua strong-man Anastasia Somoza a few times. The former West Point student warned me about Sandinista leader Ortega, but I thought he was exaggerating. 

The Nicaragua Electoral Council announced that, with 49 percent of the votes counted, President Daniel Ortega has secured nearly 75 percent of the votes and would be elected for a fourth consecutive term.

Cuban Dictator Miguel Diaz-Canel congratulated his Nicaraguan counterpart Daniel Ortega, which showed that the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) party obtained 74,99 percent of the votes.

The Dictator of Venezuela Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro congratulated Ortega and the nation. The US and the European Union have questioned the electoral process due to the arrests of activists and 31 political opponents, including seven who were set to be opposition candidates. In 2013 Nicaragua approved a constitutional reform allowing indefinite presidential re-election in the country.

By rejecting Sunday's election results and denying the Ortega regime of the legitimacy it seeks, Washington and the international community can discourage other budding dictators in the Americas.…

The Biden administration's Tony Blinken: Repression, manipulation stripped Nicaragua elections of any "real significance"

The brazenness of Nicaragua’s authoritarian turn sets a troubling precedent and reflects the broader erosion of democracy in Latin America.…