Mother Nature's Butcher

Hamden is a town in New Haven County, Connecticut, USA. The town's nickname is "The Land of the Sleeping Giant". The population is believed to be at least 60,960

Unfortunately, we all know that people can be cruel to nature, and this one-of-a-kind tree, like many other aspects of nature which mankind has ruined over time, was destroyed. A man cut it down with a chainsaw just to spite his brother, and as the picture shows, its memory was lost with it.

The Door Tree was the pride of Hamden, Connecticut for over two centuries. This great, extraordinary oak was first photographed in 1898 and has since become famous thanks to its unique shape of an arched doorway. It became a pride of the town, and was even featured on the popular show Believe It or Not!

Sleeping Giant State Park is a fixture in CT. Overlooking New Haven and Quinnipiac University, it's got great hiking options, from easy to more difficult, beautiful views, and lots of nature to explore. After the May 2018 tornadoes in CT, the park was closed until this summer. Lots have changed, but lots haven't. State Park Website: