Mike and Me

I first met Michael Bloomberg when he held his farewell swan song Christmas Party for The NYC Press Corps at Gracie Mansion. https://www.bloomberg.com/company/

Bloomberg took the time to remind journalists of his accomplishments and once again restated that he loves New York City and plans to live here forever. There was no mention of his Bermuda home.

I was one of the few guests invited for a photo opportunity with his honor, the Mayor of New York City. I wrote him this message after consulting with another Latino University professor and close friend. who suggested I reach out to offer my assistance as a global media consultant. http://imaginus.biz

You may recall that we met in Gracie Mansion after he served as NYC Mayor and me as AP NY Bureau Chief. I mentioned that I worked with Ken and Marjorie Tiven Bloomberg at OCN. Like you, I have supported Republicans and Democrats, although I have no political affiliation, I am simply a concerned American.

As soon as I heard that you were developing an advertising campaign within Florida, the following thought came into my mind, particularly if you’re also planning to address second- language speaking communities in South Florida. By this, I am specifically referring to people who are proficient in a second language but who cannot pick up on the minute nuances of tone within a spoken language. In other words, I am referring to Hispanics who are professionally proficient in second spoken languages but who are not totally bilingual. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/politics-government/national-politics/article245698885.html

Whomever you decide to help you carry out this campaign needs to be able to understand ironically, a derisive language which shows the counter meaning to a straight forward, the flat statement only in the tone of the spoken words, as well as in its imagery.

This action will be particularly necessary if you are planning to address an older Cuban American audience who is professionally proficient in English but not proficient enough to understand Trump’s derisive tone as he does when he thanks “his Juan and his José” in English.

It has been my front-line experience both as a journalist and university professor that many very good,  dual language speakers can’t pick up on the aforementioned nuances.

The most important measurement one uses when carrying out a language proficiency interview with students is to find out if they can understand the counter meanings offered by tone. Only then can a professor place them in the category of being truly bilingual.


Many of my Latino friends and family members accept Trump’s statements because they are only able to trans-literate meaning, so they support him. However, they do not comprehend the ironic countervision given in the tone of his English statements.  After all, one can say “I like you” or apologize and not mean it based on their tone of voice.