The USA has now surpassed 800,000 Covid deaths and a grand total of 50 million cases thus far showing the world how we really are.

Some new variants, like Omicron, are especially concerning because they may have made the virus more contagious or more deadly.

Americans’ brains overreact to scale, like a major plane crash. We react less to everyday threats that are more in our control. We can beat #COVID. Get vaccinated, wear your seat belt, and keep hanging your Christmas stockings with much care in hope that Corona won’t be spreading there.

This is so sad with Omicron's fast spread and Winter’s pain is on the horizon. How about the powers that we step and start discussing strong support for a second Vaccine option that can be taken orally shown to stop transmission and protect us all.

The U.S. COVID-19 Death Toll Hits 800,000…