IRI New Yorkers

New Yorkers are number one, the most Inconsiderate Rude and Ill-mannered people in the USA.

Now there’s agreement, you have an extra day to start spreading the news this #LaborDayWeekend, head to the top of one of NYC's observation decks and yell out loud.

The Empire State was named the "Rudest State in America," and we may have the strong, sometimes abrasive "New York" attitude to blame. ... According to Best Life's algorithm, 14.79 percent of New York State is "rude," along with 4.5 percent of New York drivers.

It’s no surprise that New York takes the cake for rude behavior because locals have a reputation for pushing their way through crowds but to be fair, NYC is congested, but there’s also swearing on the streets and honking their way through traffic.

Some say nearly 15 percent of the state’s population and our drivers are considered rude and don’t take any crap from anyone. Others would say New Yorkers are very friendly. We tend to be proud of our city and are eager that visitors see it in its best light. We are also, primarily, a very social group of people; it would be difficult to live in such a densely populated area otherwise. Yes, New Yorkers are a very friendly bunch, but don’t cross us.

You’ll find plenty of video footage on YouTube of road rage in the Big Apple. In late 2020, an ugly parking spot dispute in Queens led to one driver socking his rival in the face before driving his car through the glass storefront of a bakery.

Rude is too mild or too cutesy a word for what New Yorkers are. Most of the population is highly narcissistic, highly judgmental, first rate bullies, and they can be downright evil. They're only nice to those exactly like them, or to look good in front of certain people so they'll gain some Kudos.