Half Time

There are explanations why Trump is sitting at home on his gold toilet while his lawyers speak for him, instead of personally testifying.

He is not participating in his own Senate trial because he may end up on a criminal trial and is scared of showing up and saying anything at his impeachment trial that can be used to convict him.

Or he is defeated by his multimillion landslide vote loss and being fired from office, he’s broken down and won’t fight anymore. He is clearly just a shell of himself, unwilling to even show his face, let alone mount a big offensive. It’s a dead giveaway that Trump is toast. An armed mob would never assemble on its own accord to attack the US Capitol the cradle of democracy to stop the will of the people.

This is how The GOP and #LameDuckDonald Republicans' conspiracy theories are tearing American families apart

Don’t forget that more than 100 members of Congress enabled his corruption by turning their heads, and failing to conduct oversight. History will judge insurrectionist politicians the same way it judged segregationists. Trump was, has always been, is, and will always be, a psychopath and a coward. 

Meanwhile, thousands of Republicans are reportedly leaving the GOP because of what the party has now come to be. We now learn that a trio of Republican senators allied with Trump met with his defense team during this ongoing impeachment trial.

US Representative Joaquin Castro: ’A lie can do incredible damage and destruction, and that’s especially true when that lie is told by the most powerful person on Earth, the commander-in-chief’

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