Florida Deforestation

Submitted by ub on Tue, 03/02/2021 - 16:20

Deforestation is the permanent removal of trees to make room for something besides the forest. This is more about political deforestation by tainting the beautiful flowers and clean politics from the state of Florida’s government in the sunshine.

The two-state residents who are top GOP shock jocks have enjoyed riding a political wave of conservative voters, but many soon need a lifeline to stay afloat and remain popular among their supporters. Don and his sidekick Ron appear to be swimming in hot waters and may soon find themselves underwater and being circled by law enforcement sharks. twice impeached and former lame duck Donald is facing investigations from five independently elected public servants considering criminal charges.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is now facing bipartisan deep waters and criticism and a call for a federal investigation after the sunshine state set up invitation-only Covid19 vaccination clinics in at least two upscale communities. A wealthy Florida community gets COVID vaccine before anyone else, Governor Ron DeSantis got a $250K contribution

The other one has a few more miles of criticism and ongoing investigations under his belt. Want to see Trump's rap sheet?
https://www.spiritguideastrology.com/ Select Predictions and start typing Trump. Pick a timeline from the dropdown and use the arrow keys to go to the next crime.

After years of claiming he was so rich he didn’t need anyone else’s money for his political campaigns, Donald Trump is officially asking small-dollar donors many of a lower-income and older to send him cash, potentially hurting the #Republican Party’s small-dollar program. Like in the case of former mobster Al Capone, it's little things and the actions that seem inconsequential compared to leading a country that seems like the best bet to keep our modern sovereigns in check and accountable to the long arm of justice.

Manhattan’s district attorney has reportedly obtained former president Donald Trump’s tax returns after a years-long legal battle. A spokesman for DA Cy Vance says he was able to enforce the subpoena after the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear an emergency…

US Representative Bennie Thompson and the NAACP have now filed a lawsuit against Trump alleging that his incendiary rhetoric, including false claims of a stolen election, amounted to a conspiracy to interfere with civil rights by inciting the January 6 riot at the US Capitol.