Ethical Standards

After years of having a government and leaders without ethics, it's necessary to stop all lies and cheating in politics and everywhere.

Ethical standards are the moral principles that govern everyone’s behavior while carrying out or conducting any activity.

For example, in sports we have seen this lately in horse racing, where most of the time there are small prices used in many tickets and bets. The cheater who is dangerous to the bettor is the low percentage one who strikes sparingly without anyone even noticing.

However, few sports are as popular with bettors as horse racing. It’s one that is intertwined with the world of gambling and given a free pass when talk of clamping down on the association between betting and the sporting world becomes a hot topic. Little wonder, then, that some people can’t resist staying away from what’s legal when trying to win.

There have been a few famous cases of folks trying to get one over on the bookmakers and the authorities when it comes to winning horse races. The problem is that they haven’t been bothered whether they use fair means or foul, resulting in making the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The same thing occurs with politics and the voters lose every time an individual, or a foreign government interferes or is caught cheating before, during, and after a political campaign, or when a group of people insists the outcome was fixed because they lost the election.

We The People must insist on government in the sunshine, where all the facts are readily available for all to understand when an individual leads a group into sedition, and treason.