Crypto Punk

Sotheby's had an auction of NFT Art. One guy got 11.8 million for the ownership of a digital file.

The file is actually publicly available before and after the sale of its ownership. Other artists got 17 million at the auction.

This is the image of 11.8 million crypto punks

The original Demo Version of a Song could be something similar.

The quality and production might not mean as much as the actual Song, Lyrics, Hook

Collectors are buying the ownership of these kinds of original things.

This guy issued a collection of one NFT and sold the NFT for a lot.

An NFT can be issued as a numbered item of a collection

like 1 of 100 or 1 of a million. People try to collect the lowest-numbered ones.

and once they get one they can auction it off or sell it on lots of "Electronic Marketplaces" Stores.

There are also Fungible Tokens FTs these are a collection of identical unnumbered items

but they are still resellable in the "Electronic Marketplaces" for less. A band might issue a million and give them away or sell them. Giving them away is not stupid because built-in they can set a commission they receive every time one is sold on a marketplace.