Climate Warnings

Submitted by ub on Tue, 12/29/2020 - 13:35


Make New Year's Eve plans to stay home in your pajamas, like many Americans during this pandemic. it might be the best place as the climate won't be ideal for much of the USA. A double whammy of Winter weather-is set to bring snow, ice and rain to 40 million people were under winter weather alerts in 17 states.

Forecasters are warning that heavy snow, powerful winds, and dropping temperatures are on their way and over the horizon throughout the United States in the coming days, with New Year’s Eve likely to be hampered in various regions of the nation.

Meteorologists rely on weather radar to see developing storms, and now you can, too. NOAA’s new interactive radar viewer webpage with expanded radar data will allow you to observe the type and movement of precipitation falling from the sky.

Looking at several radar images over a period of time —  or a radar loop — can offer clues about where and how fast the rain or snow is falling. A radar loop can also help show if the hazard is growing or shrinking in the area or if it is becoming more intense; it can even see precipitation in the dark or when it's cloudy.   

Image - NY Daily News