Clean Sweep


GOP-controlled US Congress is drinking a toxic brew of political polarization and gerrymandering that has the legislative body gridlocked and institutionally exists from one crisis to another.

The Republican Party does not deserve to be in charge. They have shut the government down at times and refuse to vote on legislation and presidential appointments.

USA can't afford to drag its feet any longer, we have gone without a properly functioning government for the last 8 years due to this obstruction. All apparently because the republicans were unhappy with a black president.

This is holding our country back. It is almost impossible to pass legislation it's all frozen up.

We need to break the logjam and Flip the Congress.

In the Senate, it would only take a change of 5 seats to Flip the Senate.

In the House, it would only take a change of 30 seats to Flip the House of Representatives.

All You have to do is Vote.

If you have difficulty getting to the poll to Vote use an Absentee Ballot.