Chose Life Over Death

As that old saying goes, and it certainly applies to all of humanity, this is NOT our first Rodeo, so follow the science and get VAXED.

This list above represents all the vaccines that have saved our lives over the years and why many of us and our families continue to live here on earth.

Some cities in the USA  are considering a sweeping law requiring adults to show proof of full COVID-19 vaccination to enter indoor restaurants, coffee shops, gyms, shopping centers, museums, movie theaters, hair and nail salons, among other businesses.

The plan would be one of the strictest vaccine orders to date and would likely make demonstrating inoculation status part of the daily routine for all Americans.

We have seen and read the various Public Health reports that urge responsible grownups to get the vaccine. Some of the same individuals have stated their concerns about possible side effects. All I can say is that a majority of my family and friends have decided to do the right thing and done this for the benefit of all of us.

In fact, we have family who is either physicians or scientific researchers. In fact, one works at Salk, where the Polio vaccine was developed. They all agree that it is necessary, safe, and have received the COOVID vaccine dosage.