Cancel Culture Loser and Liar

Does he, or the GOP have any new ideas besides canceling elections, repeating debunked claims, big lies, and conspiracies? Why have Republicans descended into fantasy, conspiracy, and continuing falsehoods?

Republicans are now embracing the popular features of the #COVID relief plan they all voted against and with minority leader Mitch McConnell saying he will follow the same obstructionist playbook he used against President Obama, Democrats should continue to advance popular legislation without bothering to work with GOP members. 

Meanwhile, locked out of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, marooned in Mar-a-Lago and mocked for an amateurish new website that no one is reading, while he blows up like his infamous Baby ballon, he remained largely out of public sight as the devotion to a #TwiceImpeached #RussiaBought has been threatens to destroy The Grand Old Party and is a true and present danger to democracy. I can still recall when the names #Romney and #Cheney and #Bush were quintessential conservatives. The "conservative" label is now tarnished.

The Republicans won the 2016 election with Communist help, but never ever received more than a 50 percent #USA approval rating. At the end of a four-year term, the majority of Americans decided to cancel them for good because they were bad for America. 

Conservatives claim to hate 'cancel culture' but it is clearly front and center at the heart of the right-wing agenda, and if you live by the sword, you will die by it. As the #GOP racist #MAGA traitors who are still in #Congress are identified, while parading around America as #USA patriots, they also need to be voted out for the good of democracy. 

Why is it that the Political Party that steadfastly refused to certify POTUS President Joe Biden's electoral college and a decisive vote margin is now mourning the death of bipartisanship?  if the tables were turned, would they question the integrity of a party in which nearly 150 congressional members voted to deny certification of the results rendering Biden the rightful winner of the American Democratic election?

The GOP may cease to be unless their leadership comes to the conclusion that their #TwiceImpeached, shrinking, fading #ContinuallyInvestigated, impotent, and fake old news factory offers no future for the party of Lincoln.

Hypocrite-in-chief now minority #LeaderMcConnell is reaching new lows claiming @POTUS Biden’s commission will 'politicize' #SCOTUS.

More than 100 days after #LameDuckDonald was evicted from The Whitehouse the #Republicans continue to circle the political runway without a clear plan or a landing place. The party is being led into the valley of the dull and sad extinction.

Republican lies and conspiracy theories show that false claims that have been repeated by the conservative BS media ecosystem spread like wildfire and although there are no facts to back them up they can be hard to eradicate even after it is proven incorrect. And it is especially difficult to get stupid people to stop believing a falsehood when powerful politicians, such as the top Republicans in the House and the Senate continue repeating it.

The latest in a persistent divide between two GOP leaders has continued to speak out about the need for Republicans to move on.

Why must they fiercely follow a FatCat with #OldFakeNews?

The brand is just a footnote and a forgotten file to delete.

His name is yesterday's news that no one wants to read.

Sensational and nuts when you said it and now a forgotten matter.

His comments were made on the golf course.

The news once spread, is now simply sad and irrelevant.

He was banned from social media, talks too much, and says little.

You were no good to #USAGov. Congress #TwiceImpeached you and a majority of #USA voters threw you in the trash.

The Republicans' so-called leader is playing them for fools who haven’t yet realized that #DissasterDonald is about to destroy the GOP.

After leaving office some presidents travel the world, write memoirs, or start foundations or build libraries. Others crash weddings and spread lies while licking the wounds of a historic electoral defeat.

Meanwhile, back at the train wreck... In what is clearly a response to Social Media's ban on DonaldDuckDynasty for inciting violence and hate speech, Florida Republicans have approved legislation meant to fine platforms for banning politicians. The Florida bill proposes fines of up to $250K per day for companies that violate the law. Chatter is also growing as to whether Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) will face another campaign to oust her from a Republican leadership position, as she remains outspoken in her criticism of the former president and the train wreck her party is involved in. As she calls out the former guy’s latest “BIG LIE” amid criticism from within her own party, the cancel culture machine is ready to destroy her. @GOPLeader Kevin McCarthy is more interested in ousting #LizCheney than #MattGaetz. That’s all you need to know about the current state of the disintegrating Grand Old Party.

We wonder if the armies of taxpayer-paid lawyers representing Florida voters, and law firms representing social media companies, will be the only winners in this legal waste of time and money.