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Russia investigation, Jan 6 Probe, fraud and financial crimes, foreign lobbying, contempt of Congress, hush money, and more to come.

Oh, what a tangled web the webmaster has weaved while attempting to deceive. It comes from a fake author, and an alleged traitor, Sir dances a lot, lies, cheats, steals and talks too much.

What emerges from all investigations over the coming months could prove just as significant for the defendant‘s future as the cases in the news. Most recently one of his lawyers has recused himself but that could be the least of the defendants’ problems.

In the peach state, things may not be peachy after a partial release of a special grand jury report from the case. The report revealed that the grand jury recommended indictments. DA Willis’ team is now reportedly reviewing racketeering and conspiracy charges.

Then there is the January six insurrection and Jack Smith’s investigation, with information gathered by the Jan. 6 committee. DOJ was pursuing its own investigation of Trump’s interference with the 2020 election. In early February, Jumping Jack issued a subpoena for former Vice President Mike Pence, which he is not challenging in its entirety. Then, Smith issued subpoenas for testimony from Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, and Jared Kushner.

Let US not forget Like Smith’s other investigation, The Mar-a-Lago Heist. One potential charge is concealment or destruction of official documents, which includes a ban on The White House and up to three years in prison for each offense. However, a federal office ban could be unconstitutional, so it’s unclear what that would mean even if individual number one is charged and convicted.

The #MAGA Republicans are hurtling towards fascism. American democracy is witnessing the culmination of win-at-any-cost politics and the GOP leadership is unfortunately encouraged it.

Trump Russia connections…

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