Virginia Isn’t For Haters

#Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin reportedly suffered a massive political GOP meltdown and Trump isn’t coming to the campaign.

Virginia Is for Toss-Ups. Harping on the enthusiasm gap misses the issues that continue to matter to voters in this tight political fight. Since America has higher poverty than our economic peers, and infant mortality despite the sophistication of the USA healthcare system. Because of politics, and racism, we don't take care of all our citizens. And behind that is the legacy of slavery. White Americans think of the social safety net not for people like themselves who've fallen on hard times, but as a giveaway to those other people.

Virginia is holding a crucial state election in a few days and after the Republican candidate read the writing on the proverbial  Trump wall that was never completed and Mexico never paid for, he has decided to circumvent the loser after all.

Not accidentally, the state of Virginia has also become politically more like The United States of America in national elections. Like the electorate, who have clearly supported the Democratic presidential candidate in the last three elections.

Will the followers of a twice impeached loser: After all DeVos are counted finally realize he really lost. Penceforth, they’ll never return to our White House. While walking through the Meadows, Gaetz shout out to him, forget it, we’ll soon be behind Barrs, left to Pirro out cell window, all DeJoy in life will be gone. With Hawley any time left, all Tuckered out, a tiny Hannity destroyed. 

The GOP holds an edge that could make the difference in the race, according to polls. Let us hope that Virginia is for lovers of Democracy and not for haters of The United States of America.