The Oooopsie Twins

Oopsie is a sounding word some folks use to describe the feeling they get after finally realizing they may have messed up big time.

Why on this Giving Tuesday would the network give him the proverbial boot in his butt? Should reporters and officials ever work together regardless of the family connections or bloodline? I happen to watch his show last night and he never said a thing, just like the time when his brother's story broke. Days later they fired him.

The network has suspended the anchorman following disturbing disclosures that he nay have helped his big brother and former New York Governor in the midst of a scandal over allegations of sexual harassment.

Cable news shockwave: Cuomo is suspended indefinitely, pending further evaluation. The benched anchorman is declining to comment... The second hour of @AC360 is airing in its place.

Have the Cuomo brothers amassed massive power and influence while betraying the public trust? 

CNN suspends Chris Cuomo over the role in defending former NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo

CNN has suspended Chris Cuomo. The news anchor advised his brother, Andrew Cuomo, amid the harassment scandal that cost him the New York governorship.

CNN has suspended one of its top anchors, Chris Cuomo, indefinitely. The cable network says it will evaluate new evidence about his defense of his brother, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, as sexual harassment allegations mounted.