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how do you F%@#! the news

Superhero and New York City Comptroller Brad Lander is suing the Fox Corporation Board for breaching their fiduciary duty to their stockholders by allowing Fox to distribute Lies under the guise of News.

Not to be outdone the State of Oregon is also suing Fox for fake news.

How about a class action lawsuit on behalf of all cable subscribers against Fox for impersonating a real news distributor? All news is real and verified or it's a rumor. The American people who watch cable might not be smart enough to tell the difference so the network name Fox News is not fair to the TV consumer. A more accurate name for the network might be 'Fake News', 'Fox Fake News', or 'Fox Rumors'.

NYC Pension Funds Sue Fox Corporation Board for Breach of Fiduciary Duty in Connection with Defamatory Broadcasts

NYC pension funds and the state of Oregon sue Fox over 2020 election coverage


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